WH Continuing to Disgrace Tillman

White House Continuing to Disgrace Tillman

The Tillman story is still being hidden by the White House.  Isn’t this just disgusting?

There is no sewer too sick that we can’t find this Administration wallowing in it.  King Bush is saying that the Congress has no power to keep him in check. HE IS THE KING!

“I’m the decider.”

It wasn’t bad enough that they used this poor soldier’s death as a publicity stunt, but now he is disgracing his memory by claiming the country has no constitution that prevents him from such actions.

Where’s the outrage?

We Americans are at risk of becoming desensitized to this dictatorial behavior.  If we become complacent, we will be responsible for further and continued abuses and eventually we won’t be surprised if he really does appoint himself King Bush. We are closer to this day than many of us know or are willing to admit.

Get out there! Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your coworkers. Talk to your church.  By remaining silent, you’re the one responsible for this continuing.

Giuliani Misleads On 9-11 Response

Last night on Hannity Radio ( Link ), Rudy Giuliani defended himself against criticism for his decision toput New York’s emergency command center in the World Trade Center, by saying that in the aftermath of 9-11, they had a new command center upand running in “half an hour” ( Link ) at Police Academy.

But it’s not true. The reality, documented in his own book (and the media) is that he and others traipsed around Manhattan for THREE HOURS trying various sites out before settling at the police academy.

From the Democratic Party’s research team, here’s the timeline:

Option 1: WTC 7 Evacuated Shortly After 9 AM. Giuliani wrote that “Now that the second plane had hit, the command center was being evacuated” it was too near to the attacked buildings and could itself be a target…We had to set up a new command center.” [Giuliani, Leadership, p. 5-6]

1 Hour Later: 75 Barclay, Picked On The Run, Is Another Brief Stop. According to Giuliani’s book “Bernie [Kerik] and his staff had already identified a building at 75 Barclay Street, just northeast of 7 World Trade Center.” [Leadership, p. 6] He wrote that “at about 9:50 A.M. we
commandeered the offices at 75 Barclay.” [Leadership, p. 10] There the group was trapped and had to escape through the basement into 100 Church Street [Leadership, p. 12]

Another 90 Minutes Later, Tower 1 Falls, Government “No Longer Had A Place To Work.” Giuliani wrote that after Tower 1 fell at about 10:30 AM, “There was no way to find out what was going on.” [Leadership, p. 15]

Now NYPD Searching For New Command Post, Hotel Tribeca Grand Rejected On Arrival. “Bernie had sent a couple of his guys ahead to the Tribeca Grand to set up phone lines and clear the place out, like a scouting party in an Old Western.” Finding this space unsuitable, the group moved on again. [Leadership, p. 15]

Next Stop: Locked Out From Firehouse With A “Couple of Working Phones.” Giuliani wrote that as they continued to seek a new command post, “Somebody mentioned Engine Company 24, a firehouse at Houston Street and Sixth Avenue. We made our way the few blocks north.” [Leadership, p. 15] Because the firefighters were at the World Trade Center, the door was locked and “the entire city government”mayor, deputy mayors, commissioners” spent several minutes trying to get into the firehouse.” [Leadership, p. 15] Once inside “we found a couple of working phones. [Leadership, p. 16]

Three Hours Later, At Noon: City Government Finally Settled At Police Academy. After a continuing search for a workable location, “Bernie [Kerik] had heard back from his scouts and suggested the Police Academy on 20th Street.” [Leadership, p. 19]

“We arrived about noon, and nearly every member of my administration crammed into the small administrative offices. Soon we were at work, planning our response.” [Leadership, p. 19]
Mitt Romney: Republican of Convenience ( Link )

Mr. Romney has tacked heavily to the right in his presidential bid, seeking to portray himself as the true conservative in the race, but when he ran for governor of Massachusetts, a heavily Democratic state, he conveyed a much more moderate image. The 40-second video, posted on YouTube.com and a Web site created by the Massachusetts Democratic Party, www.romneyfacts.com ( Link ), seeks to
highlight that difference. “I’ve been very clear, I think, to people across the commonwealth that my ‘R’ doesn’t stand so much for Republican as it does for reform,” he said in one clip to a reporter on September 21, 2002 on WBZ-TV.

In another interview on WGBH Greater Boston on Sept. 19, 2002, he said, “I’m not running as the Republican view, or a continuation of Republican values. That’s not what brings me to the race.” The video also shows Mr. Romney speaking negatively of the dominance of Republicans in Utah, where he had just spent three years running the Olympics.

“I’m not convinced the state would be better off with all Republicans,” he said in a speech before the Bostonchamber of commerce. “As a matter of fact, I’ve been in a state like that, for the last three years. It’s not a good thing.” ( Link )