The Spin I’m In

The Spin

The Republican Party has turned politics into a full time business, complete with fact-bending marketing firms. This isn’t really news. I know.

But, the Democratic Party is so far behind on this that they don’t even have out-of-work marketers working on their news stories. No wonder the press ignores them. It’s cheaper and easier to take a story that’s already wiz-bang dressed up and selling it to your readers than it is to have to research your own story. Hence, the main stream media loves the Republican for doing their work for them. It’s simple economics.


2,000 soldiers’ lives ago, the Iraq war was over. Bush said it was so, and it really was. It wasn’t done right, or completely or intelligently, but it was executed faithfully. Now, it’s a total mess. But, it’s still Mission Accomplished! The war is over! The foreign military and government fell. It’s over!

The Republican marketing firms know that “Global War on Terror” gives their base secret little erections, so they continue to paint the Iraq disaster as war.

It’s not a war and America needs to stop referring to it as such. It’s an occupation. That’s all. Plain and simple. OCCUPATION. Get used to the sound of it. That’s what we need to call it. Forget spreading the marketers spin. Be responsible and use the correct term for it. OCCUPATION.

In fact, we need to all be more careful about not using the marketers’ spin. Think about the words before you continue to use them.

The Solution

This brings the faithful reader to the next question. What happens when we cut an’ run from Iraq? Cut and Run? It’s not a war. There’s no cutting and running. We continue to fight the war on terror, but we obviously need someone else to manage it. This CEO has had his last chance and is only making things worse. We’re considerably less secure than we were when the Republican Government let the terrorists into the country. And, what’s worse, there are many times more terrorists and terrorist attacks than there were before we made the mistake of putting this manager in charge of our security. Is he just waiting for the next attack so he can say, I told you so! Most likely.

What happens to Iraq? I can’t see into the future, but I can guarantee that they have a much better chance of getting their country together (or separated) without us in the middle. We are only delaying and prolonging their reconstruction. It’s time to cancel the OCCUPATION.

To say that Iran or Syria or Saudi Arabia are helping kill our soldiers, is just plain stupidity! Of course they are, Bush! It’s an occupation, stupid, and they’re getting help from their friends and neighbors. We would do the same! But, this is doing nothing to help solve the problem of terrorism.

Exit Strategy

It would be a mistake to just pack up our bags and leave Iraq. We really do need a viable exit strategy – something this administration refuses to consider. It’s time to get them out of the decision-making process! But, we can’t just up and leave. We need a plan.