Those Islamic Extremists

There was a time, not more than 10 years ago, when we would look at the occasional kook, standing on a street corner with a banner saying, “The End Is Near! Repent!” and feel honest pity. We would often want to give him $5 so he would be able to find some place to stay the night and have a hot meal.

Today, we share our churches with these extremists.  They’re all around us, in our churches, in our grocery stores, in our government, teaching our kids. Even our church’s sermons are sprinkled much more liberally with Hellfire and Brimstone. No wonder people are getting the impression this is okay, or acceptable. The $700 Club is sick with it.

When the Islamic radicals see us and want us dead, do you really think they’re any different than the extremists on our side? If you honestly think there’s a difference, you’re sadly mistaken.  Religious extremism is religious extremism. Period. The only difference is the way we pronounce god.

Don’t think for a moment that Christian radicals don’t cause hate, despair,  and death. Hisory if full of endless examples.

Churches, like governments, are good when kept in control. Religion, like government become harmful when run by radicals.

By the way, have you read the Bible lately? If so, then you know that Jesus opposed organized religion. He opposed the very people who have kidnapped his teachings. The very people you’re paying with your contributions. How much of your contribution goes to shield the sexual abusers? The rapers? The sodomizers?  That’s what happens when religion gets strong. That’s why Jesus opposed it.

Warning! Scary Communism!!

Back in the 60s and 70s our universities used to teach politics and in that they taught Communism. This was quite important when Communism was spreading around the world and the cold war was responsible for our learning to hide under our desks during bomb drills. Our government and our universities realized how important it was that we understood our rivals.

We were smarter then.

Now, we have Poly-Sci teachers who explain that the Democratic party, taken to extremes would lead to Communism, and the Republican party would become anarchy. In fact, one UNR professor then spends the rest of the semester referring to the DemocRATS as Communists.

There’s something seriously wrong with our educational system.

But, just like the stupid, “Just Say Why” campaign, the current government and Republican party spends serious effort making us freightened of Communism. Any time we tax payers try to organize and use our tax dollars on something to improve our lives, the Republicans cry Communism. “What?!! You want the government to provide services? That’s Communism!” Or, “Oh my god, Universal Health Care” is Socialism which is just like COMMUNISM!” Ooh, SCARY!

We don’t know if Communism would ever work because every experiment with it has lead to political corruption. Every one. However, we do know that there is immense value in tax payers combining their tax dollars to make the country better. Just think of anything. Anything! Anything that makes this country great has been created using tax dollars. The Republicans want to make it illegal for us to use our tax dollars to create a Food and Drug watchdog group that helps us protect our food supply.  It should be illegal to have a FEMA to help with natural disasters.

So, I’m inclined to think the UNR professor was wrong. The Democratic party, to the extreme, is a country that takes care of itself and its people.  The Republican party to the extreme is political corruption and hypocrisy, in diapers.