Those Islamic Extremists

There was a time, not more than 10 years ago, when we would look at the occasional kook, standing on a street corner with a banner saying, “The End Is Near! Repent!” and feel honest pity. We would often want to give him $5 so he would be able to find some place to stay the night and have a hot meal.

Today, we share our churches with these extremists.  They’re all around us, in our churches, in our grocery stores, in our government, teaching our kids. Even our church’s sermons are sprinkled much more liberally with Hellfire and Brimstone. No wonder people are getting the impression this is okay, or acceptable. The $700 Club is sick with it.

When the Islamic radicals see us and want us dead, do you really think they’re any different than the extremists on our side? If you honestly think there’s a difference, you’re sadly mistaken.  Religious extremism is religious extremism. Period. The only difference is the way we pronounce god.

Don’t think for a moment that Christian radicals don’t cause hate, despair,  and death. Hisory if full of endless examples.

Churches, like governments, are good when kept in control. Religion, like government become harmful when run by radicals.

By the way, have you read the Bible lately? If so, then you know that Jesus opposed organized religion. He opposed the very people who have kidnapped his teachings. The very people you’re paying with your contributions. How much of your contribution goes to shield the sexual abusers? The rapers? The sodomizers?  That’s what happens when religion gets strong. That’s why Jesus opposed it.

One thought on “Those Islamic Extremists”

  1. You can’t say religion is all bad. There are plenty of people who would be out of control if they didn’t fear the hereafter. Sure, some Islamic fanatics blow up buildings but the majority of them are nicely subdued by their religion. Or not?

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