Is Nevada’s Ensign Mentally Handicapped?

Having written Ensign and asking him to help restore Habeas Corpus, I received the stupidest reply I would ever expect from anyone who knows what Habeas Corpus meant. Perhaps he just doesn’t.

We all know that the Bush administration has been arresting Americans here at home and kidnapping suspects in foreign countries and stealing them away to be tortured, all without allowing the accused the common sense of a right to defend themselves in a court of law. Someone (an angry neighbor?) reports you as a terrorist and you are never heard from again. IT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA.

So, we ask our representatives to stop the criminal behavior; Ensign replies:

I do not believe that these terrorists should be afforded the same rights as civilians or military personnel who have committed crimes. These are not common criminals, nor are they soldiers. These are savage individuals who have rejected civilized society and ignored the rules of war.

Say what? Is he retarded? Does he really think that we are only kidnapping the guilty? Of course he knows better. But why would he even say something as stupid as this?

I can only come up with two possible explanations:
1. He’s mentally retarded, or
2. He knows that Nevadans are too stupid to know any better and they voted for him knowing what he was up to.

Which do you think it is? Is Ensign stupid or is Nevada? Based on the many other brain-dead replies others have posted from his office, I’m suspecting the first.

Recall Ensign! Now!

Ensign the Obstructionist

By now, I’m sure most of Nevada knows that Ensign stayed up late last night to obstruct the vote in congress. He has no evidence that he wants to share with us as to why we should stay in the war, even though it’s doing more harm to America than any other mistake we’ve ever made. Yes, he continues his school boy crush on Bush and is determined to defend him to whatever depths it takes, no matter what harm to the country.

Ensign is not representing Nevada and he’s not representing our country.

Recall Ensign! Now!

One thought on “Is Nevada’s Ensign Mentally Handicapped?”

  1. Problem’s Obvious.

    Nevada, one of the only states to vote in a new Republican governor. One of the few to return Bush apologists to Congress.

    I saw a cute bumper sticker on a pickup truck coming through our town, not too long ago. It had a symbol of nuclear waste and it said, Nevada is Not a Wasteland.

    Now, I’m sure not all Nevadans live up to the label they’ve been given, Trailer Trash, but their voting habits don’t show much mental functionality. Vote for a Republican president and then act surprised when Bush gives you the shaft. Vote for Gibbons when he’s embroiled in a sexual abuse case. What is wrong with Nevada? Nuclear waste causing brain damage?

    Ensign is playing them for fools and they’re playing right along.

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