Lesser Known Religious Murderers

We all think of Religious Murderers as the fanatics who flew planes into our buildings trying to kill as many innocent people as possible. Sick, real sick. That one act took 3,000 lives.

That is horrific, but, that is peanuts in comparison!

Religious zealots are knowingly killing many times more than that every year, right here in America. But, we seldom hear about it.

Let’s take a simple example. 73,000 Americans died of Diabetes in 2005, and the number is skyrocketing. Many of these are children who have done nothing wrong, but being born.

What if we could flip a switch and save all these 73,000. It would be pretty immoral to just let them die. It would also be considered murder, and rightfully so.

Stem Cell research may have already cured this disease if we were allowed and encouraged to research it. The vast majority of Americans want us to aggressively pursue this research. However, a small number of religious fanatics in our government have hijacked our country and our tax dollars and are refusing to flip the switch.

No matter how you look at it, 73,000 Americans die each year because blindly-religious zealots are preventing us from doing the research we want to do.

Are these people murderers?

Are we complicit by letting them do it?

Speak up. Say NO to America’s zealots.

2 thoughts on “Lesser Known Religious Murderers”

  1. Are you nuts? We don’t want to kill and comdemn to hell all those babys. We need to hyrry up and implant them in our woman before they go bad and before libeal slime can kill them and send them to hell.

    Ever heard of snow flake babys?

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