Right-Wing Smear Campaign in Full Swing

For those who have been keeping track, this has been the most obstructionist congress in the history of America. Obviously I’m talking about the minority party since the majority has no reason to obstruct their own bills.

You can read these facts in the news only, most news channels report it as a general failure of the congress, not a Republican campaign to harm America.

The plan was to obstruct every piece of legislation they can. Then, start a multi-million dollar smear campaign to blame it on the Democratic party. Of course, Americans wouldn’t be so stupid as to fall for this, now would they? Would they? Huh?

Now, we Americans need things to get fixed and we need them fixed right now. We don’t have time for these political games at the expense of the country. What kind of people would actually play games with the needs of the country just to arrange for a smear campaign? Do people really vote for these traitors?