Power Corrupts

We’ve all heard the phrase, power corrupts. However, it’s easy to forget exactly how corruptible it is.

I’ve witnessed a marked increase in the amount of power corrupting our local governments.

Has anyone complained about all the cameras pointing in every direction on every street corner in America. Some poor fool probably thought this would be good to help protect our citizens, but never spent a moment considering how extremely dangerous this is to our privacy and safety.

All it takes is a suspicion that you’re working for the Evil Terrorists and you will disappear forever. What if you’re car is seen in the proximity of suspicious events? With the license-plate recognition software available and in use, today, your police can track every move you make in your vehicle.

You have no way to know that this information isn’t being abused, or sold. We need to demand to be informed what this information is being used for and if it’s really necessary.
Throughout America, there has also been a notable increase in the number of unmarked police cars. A hidden and covert police force is not in our best interest. Sure, each force needs a few unmarked cars, but to avoid a Police State, we need to be able to watch and restrict the powers of our police forces.

There are many similar examples all around us every day. We need to stop and take notice, and write letters to the police chief, and the newspaper, expressing our concerns over this encroachment on our privacy and our loss of control over the power of our local police force.