Is Impeachment Necessary?

There has been a noticeable increase in the rumblings for impeachment. Yet, you hear all the arguments over and  over about how much worse it could be with Cheney in Charge.  There’s also the “promise” from grandma Pelosi about not pursuing impeachments.

Then, there’s the incoherent right-wing talking point about how nobody the president appoints can be impeached. Of course, just the knowledge that it’s a right-wing talking point makes it pretty much unbelievable so I’ll leave this one for my readers to ponder if they believe it.  But let’s talk about the impeachment of Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales.

There has been an endless stream of crimes coming from the Republican White House, some as grave as treason. Maybe every one of these cases can be shrugged off as just a gross misunderstanding by the press or the people. However, without anyone able to investigate, all we can do is assume guilt. An innocent White House would he expediting the investigations.

So, using this simple litmus test, it’s obvious that something stinks.

Pursuing impeachments will have the right-wing nuts claiming that it’s retribution, reciprocity, and revenge. Maybe we can’t just dismiss every right-wing talking point as a lie, but we sure don’t need to spend much time in serious contemplation. If a crime has been done, America NEEDS to exact fair and reasonable consequences. Failure to do so will destroy this country as any future tyrant will be free to push the limits even further, and not fear the consequences.

Yes, indeed, we need to consider the consequences of our actions, but no action at all will be worse than the worst we can imagine, even with Cheney in charge of the country. Impeachment is necessary for this country to heal. Pardoning or ignoring the transgressions is a sure path to further crimes from future administrations.

We need to stop the nonsense, here, and now. The buck stops with us.

Impeach Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales.