The Demise of the Republican Party

Are we witnessing the demise of the Republican Party, just like the demise of the old Republican Party called the Wigs (Whig) Party? The Whigs were the Republican Party of th 1850s.

Has Bush put the final nail in the coffin of the Conservative Party?

This really is two questions. The Republican Party is struggling for its life and is rejecting the ultra-conservative slash-and-burn philosophy which benefits nobody but the ultra rich. Even the Conservatives are screaming for the removal of the Neo-Conservatives from the ranks. The ultra-conservatives that have taken over the White House is the same party taken over by America’s religious fanatics.

Will the Republican Party be able to get the religious freaks under control while silencing the destrictive force of the slash-and-burn conservatives? If not, it won’t survive.

Too bad, too. A one party system is not good for America.

3 thoughts on “The Demise of the Republican Party”

  1. Will America ever trust the Republican party again?

    Every time they’ve controlled the government it has done this. Every one in the party is fully behind what the current crooks have done to this country.

    I know I’ll never trust them, again!

  2. The Democrats are essentially secularists. (They accept Darwin.) The Republicans are comprised of two groups of people: Evangelicals (out to convert everyone else), who sublimate reason to religion (they do not accept Darwin), and Neo-conservatives (a combination itself of Big Money and Zionist impulses) who want to control the Mid-east oilfields for money and/or to protect Israel. Republicans feed on and exploit fear. Democrats feed on and exploit hope. When the economy is good, Americans hatred toward other Americans controls, and the Republicans win by dividing us. When the economy is poor, the electorate realizes what’s at stake and votes their pocketbooks, putting a Democrat in the White House to fix what the Big Money Republicans have corrupted for their own ends. So what matters most to the easily manipulated American voter? Hatred of others or how much money left in his wallet? Difficult choice sometimes. (Running a huge deficit is the biggest tax on us all, but neither party will say that. When the Republicans start to re-say that, they’ll come back into power. But you can’t be a neo-conservative and balance the budget. So the neos must go. Wait and watch. It may take 8-12 years.)

  3. Many economists say that we humans have a 70-80 year economic cycle. We suffer an economic downturn, we learn from it and teach our children. Our children teach their children without the urgency with which they learned it, and the next generation forgets about it and believe it can’t happen to them, and lo and behold, it happens all over again.

    Does it happen *every* time the conservatives have been in power for a while. Why, yes, it does. History proves that every major financial downturn America has endured has been at the hand of the conservatives. When will we ever learn?

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