The Bridges of America’s Counties

We’ve all heard it a hundred times, already, but this is just another proof that America needs to abandon the Conservative Party. Our parents and grandparents came together to build some of the most impressive roads, bridges, Internets, and lots of other pieces to our nation’s infrastructure. We would be just another third world country without our interstate highway system.

However, the Republicans call Americans “Tax and Spend Liberals” because we want to use our tax dollars to make our lives and our nation better. The Conservatives want to cut taxes, neglect our infrastructure, and push America backwards, all for the sake of making the insanely rich, all that much more insanely wealthy.

Take a good look at the carnage in Minnesota caused by neglected infrastructure. Imagine that it’s just the tip of the iceberg as all the rest of our failing infrastructure that used to be paid by taxes is dragging us down to a third world country.