What Morals Do YOU Get From Church?

Perhaps it’s my imagination, but it seems there are a very large proportion of SUV drivers that attend my church.

SUVs and church

Why do people prefer SUVs over more reasonable transportation — like cars that get twice as much gas mileage, cars that don’t support the terrorists as much, cars that are easier to drive, park, clean…

SUVs and church

Why? It’s easy, there are two main reasons, and each is as immoral as one can imagine. 1. It’s safer for me and my kids, at the expense of the safety of all those around me every single day, and 2. It makes me feel more powerful so I can bully my way into traffic.

SUVs and church

Of course, there are the stupid lies they tell themselves about how they need the SUV to get the kids to soccer practice, or maybe we’ll have to transport a king sized bed sometime in our lives, or, well, you name it. The real reasons are one of the first two.

Now, who would steal the safety and lives of those drivers around them just so they can feel safer or more powerful? Who would risk killing someone unnecessarily, by driving a big tank, just so they feel safer?

Certainly, not someone who has A SINGLE THREAD OF MORALS!

SUVs and church

However, these are all the people we see at church every week.

So, is it the chicken or the egg? Does church make you immoral or does it attract the slime of our society?

Either way, shouldn’t it be fixed some day? Today? Are you giving money to churches that support and encourage this immorality?

SUVs and church

Does your church discourage this needless killing, or condone it?

Why Congress has Historically Low Ratings

Oh, my God! For the life of me, I can’t understand why Congress would have taken the president’s side, over the side of America.

Until today, I would never have argued that our elected Congress would place their own selfish interests ahead of those of the country. Every Democrat and Republican who voted to legalize the unconstitutional FISA abuses should be recalled, impeached, removed from office, and publicly disgraced for their unpatriotic behavior.

Obviously, they all fear that the Republicans will call them weak on terrorists if they don’t rape our constitution, just a little.

I’ve had enough! If they refuse to stand up for the American people, then they really are weak and should be removed before they can cause any more harm to this country.

Of course, this needs to come immediately after we remove the root of the problem: the Bush Administration.

I’m outraged!