How Do We Fix the Corrupted Corporate Media?

How do we fix the corrupted corporate media?

It’s funny to think back at the foolish cries of, “Oh that Liberal media.” Oh, how funny. But, it’s far from funny just how damaging the current media corruption is to America.

With rabid right-wing media moguls gobbling up every news outlet they can find, it’s amazing that America is able to get any unbiased news at all. It doesn’t take a genius to know that aggressive, unethical, right-wing business owners will eventually own the “free” press and they will try to further their grasp on power and influence. That’s really a no-brainer. Just look around you.

We used to have anti-trust laws and we used to enforce them. However, we haven’t been up to the task since the Clinton years. This means that the news has been controlled by fewer and fewer conservative business owners and only the most aggressive and unethical survive. Is this really who we want controlling our news? Delivering our facts?

As a simple example, I compared our local Ganet-owned newspaper with the news reported through other news outlets, and found that our newspaper lied, distorted, and hid the news on average, 86% of all political articles on 100% of the days. What kind of a track record is that? Does Ganet control the newspapers in your town? If so, be warned.

Fox news recently won a court case protecting them from liability for mis-labeling their Fox News as news. They have no obligation to deliver the truth or the facts. (It’s time to purge another judge!)

No wonder there are still some fools supporting the Bush Administration. If they had the facts, at least they would be hiding their hatred of America rather than flaunting it. There are numerous right-wing “Lie Tanks” that mimic the Think Tanks of old. Their purpose isn’t to consider the facts but to warp the facts to support an otherwise unsupportable position. A Conservative Position.

Obviously taking the money out of the news business will bring an immediate halt to the consolidation of news ownership. Passing and enforcing a law forbidding monopolization of the news outlets would be a tremendous help.

Requiring equal time for opposing position is the wrong approach. It only requires the news to air stupid faulty reasoning coming from the right-wing think tanks. Let’s say that any news outlet that controls more than 10% of any given market must sell off 20% of their share. This will discourage robber-barons from investing and manipulating our news. There’s no profit in it.

We should also pass a law that says that any news organization that sides with a political party or administration more than 50% of the time is fined out of business. You can have your free speech, but don’t pass the lies off as news.

Yes, that means that this blog will go the way of Fox news, but that’s good for America. Let’s even the playing field and we can all spend time and effort investigating all sides. In the meantime, we need to stop the hemorrhaging. America is dying right in front of us.

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1) Minorities Find Themselves in Crosshairs of Cutbacks
As newsrooms across the country trim their staffs amid shrinking
budgets, many say diversity has become the unintended victim.
Seniority policies dictate that recently hired minority staffers
are some of the first to get the ax.
Yuxing Zheng, Asian American Journalists Association
( Link )

2) Radio Since 1996 – Fewer Owners, Higher Rates, Fewer
According to the media ownership studies released by the FCC,
there are fewer radio group owners than there were right after
passage of the 1996 Telecom Act; and radio listening continues
to trend down. At the same time, ad rates have nearly doubled.
Radio World
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3) Where Do the Candidates Stand on Media Consolidation?
Because the mainstream media has an inherent bias against
reporting media consolidation issues, there is not a lot of
coverage in the papers or on television. But the candidates have
stated their positions on media consolidation and Net
The Seminal

4) Media Consolidation Gets Addressed at YearlyKos Convention
Media consolidation has come up again as a primary question
during the presidential forum at the YearlyKos conference. Sens.
Dodd (D-Conn.) and Clinton (D-N.Y.) and former Alaska Sen.
Gravel give their views.
Jennifer L. Pozner, WIMN’s Voices
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5) Sen. Chris Dodd Slams Media Consolidation
Presidential candidate Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) received cheers
at the Presidential Leadership Forum at YearlyKos when he talked
about his views on media consolidation. (Video 1:51)
YearlyKos Convention
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