Corrupt Conservative Media Moguls Censoring Political Music

At Crooks & Liars, there’s a very sad and frightening article about Conservative media censorship, alive and well. Check out:

A few days ago, the problem because [sic] crystal clear. AT&T censored political speech over streaming video by Pearl Jam at a concert.

If we don’t fix our media soon, it will be too late. If anyone remembers back in the 60s, there were endless examples of anti-war music on the airwaves. This war, it’s all suppressed. This is not good for America. The only solution is to retake the airwaves. Write letters to your local newspapers, call into talk shows, just get involved.

America is crying to you for help. Do something.

Why the Germans Supported Hitler. Can it Happen Here?

I ran across a most interesting article the other day. It addresses an issue that I’ve often contemplated. Given how America has supported, and continues to support the Bush Administration, and considering how many things they’ve done to harm America and our constitution, one must wonder if Americans wouldn’t do the same as the Germans of the Hitler era.

The article can be found at The Future of Freedom Foundation. It’s titled Why Germans Supported Hitler.

I strongly recommend everyone read this. It’s an important issue, regardless if you’re for Bush or against him. No matter how much you support a leader, the world doesn’t need another Hitler, and letting anyone gather enough power to do this, on this term or the next, is not only foolish, but very dangerous.

Take a moment and go read it.

We are marching down the same course, today!