From the Mouths of Liars

So, if Cheney knew so well exactly what was going to happen when we invaded an unarmed nation which didn’t attack us, why did he tell us the opposite?

Check out this interview with the liar.

So, what exactly changed? Oh, that’s right, Iraq invaded us. Umm, wait, maybe not. Oh, I can’t remember with all the propaganda.

I was amused at a bumper sticker this afternoon. It read, “Freedom Isn’t Free”.

Yes, indeed, our forefathers paid a tremendous price for our freedom. The same freedom we’re letting Bush destroy. However, freedom doesn’t mean invading an unarmed nation. That’s what you call immoral.

When a government gets too invasive, and too secretive, and too demanding of our freedoms, it’s time to pay up and risk our safety to help keep our government under our control. That’s what’s not free. It’s not free because we have to work every day at keeping our country free. We must oppose the forces of the unfree.

Nevada’s Ensign Supports Treasonous Bush Administration

Here’s a reply I received from Ensign regarding the corrupt and criminal Bush White House. Can you really say that this man is this stupid or is he a pathological liar? Obviously, to some, Bush is the second coming of Christ. Here’s his reply:

August 14, 2007 : Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about President Bush and his Administration. I value the opinions of every Nevadan and am grateful for the opportunity to address your concerns. The job of the President is demanding, and this Administration has faced some unique challenges. The circumstances of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the downturn in the economy would present a significant challenge to any leader. In light of these international and domestic conditions surrounding his presidency, I believe President Bush has proven himself to be a leader capable of making difficult decisions and that he has generally been able to rise to the challenges that he has faced. The U.S. economy is healthy, growing, and creating more opportunities every single day. Some of the tax reforms that have passed in the Senate and that the President has signed into law have fueled our economy and driven it to new heights. For example, we created over nine million jobs in the last five years, and there are more Americans working now than ever before in our nation’s history. In addition, tax revenues are at an all-time high. Further, there has not been a single terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. I believe that the President deserves credit for his leadership on these issues. Over the past five years, we have taken steps to enhance Americans’ safety while respecting our civil liberties. In fact, the United States and our partners have disrupted at least 15 separate, serious al-Qaida terrorist plots. Fortunately, thus far, we have managed to stay ahead of determined, resourceful, and adaptable enemies, but this could not have been accomplished without important programs that allow our intelligence community to access terrorist networks. Allowing wiretapping of suspected terrorists, tracking terrorist financing, and interrogating enemy combatants has yielded credible information resulting in the capture of still more terrorists, the break up of sleeper cells, and the prevention of further attacks. Removing these tools from the men and women fighting to protect our freedoms would only give the terrorists advantages they do not have now to effectively destroy our way of life. We have stayed on the offensive, fighting terrorists in places like Iraq and Afghanistan instead of waiting for them to take the fight to our homes. There are people who have criticized the Administration on spending and the size of the deficit. As a fiscal conservative, I too am concerned with the level of spending, the deficit, and the legacy of debt we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Some people have blamed the tax cut packages of 2001 and 2003 for the increases in the national debt. It is important to remember that, during debate on these bills, Democrats had similar tax cut plans, but their proposals would have targeted tax cuts toward different policies. Thus, at the time these bills were passed, both Democrats and Republicans agreed that tax cuts were necessary to encourage an economic recovery; however, Republicans preferred to target tax relief toward small business and activities that would drive the economy and help create jobs. Given that tax receipts are at an all-time high, it is clear that Republican policies have helped grow our economy. The real cause of the deficits is the level of federal spending. For example, from 2001 to 2005, federal spending has increased 45%. Given these facts, I hope that you will be pleased to learn that I have been very active in working to improve accountability as to how Washington, D.C., spends your hard-earned money and that I have also worked to reduce unnecessary spending. For example, I, along with several of my Senate colleagues, introduced a measure in February 2006 that would change the Senate rules to help eliminate Congressional earmarks in appropriations bills. As you may know, earmarks have increased significantly over the last several years, and our measure is a necessary step to reduce overall federal spending. I also introduced the Spending Money Accountably to Rebuild After Tragedy (SMART) Act to reign in federal spending to help pay for the costs of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. I felt that it was important to help the people that were devastated in the Gulf Region but to do so in a way that prioritizes spending rather than adding an additional $120 billion in spending above the level permitted by the budget. Further, I introduced legislation that would create a publicly searchable, online database to bring transparency to the process of federal spending. I was pleased to see legislation similar to mine signed into law by the President on September 26, 2006. Once again, thank you for contacting me on this very important issue. If you should have any further questions or comments or would like to sign up for my monthly newsletter, please feel free to write or e-mail me via my website at Sincerely, JOHN ENSIGN United States Senator

Why hasn’t Nevada done something about this abomination? “Don’t distract me with the facts, right now, I don’t have time to recall the moron, Dancing With The Stars is on!”