From the Mouths of Liars

So, if Cheney knew so well exactly what was going to happen when we invaded an unarmed nation which didn’t attack us, why did he tell us the opposite?

Check out this interview with the liar.

So, what exactly changed? Oh, that’s right, Iraq invaded us. Umm, wait, maybe not. Oh, I can’t remember with all the propaganda.

I was amused at a bumper sticker this afternoon. It read, “Freedom Isn’t Free”.

Yes, indeed, our forefathers paid a tremendous price for our freedom. The same freedom we’re letting Bush destroy. However, freedom doesn’t mean invading an unarmed nation. That’s what you call immoral.

When a government gets too invasive, and too secretive, and too demanding of our freedoms, it’s time to pay up and risk our safety to help keep our government under our control. That’s what’s not free. It’s not free because we have to work every day at keeping our country free. We must oppose the forces of the unfree.