We Are the Mainstream Media

I’ve caught myself a few times making the mistake of using the framing forced on us by the Corrupt Conservative Media. They like to refer to themselves as the Mainstream Media or the MSM. What a joke!

We, here, in cyberland, are the mainstream media. We still rely on the well-funded corporate corruption to get some of our stories, but then have to do the real research ourselves.

So, what, exactly does representing the 35%ers  do to make them think they’re mainstream? Nothing, obviously. When we say Mainstream Media, we need to start realizing that it is us.

Now, what, exactly makes the Corrupt Corporate Media such a failure? Why are they hemorrhaging from every wrong decision?  Do you think maybe it’s because they keep using the same worn out Conservative apologists, the same old chicken-hawks, the same old disproven arguments? If our authors were wrong as often as the Corrupt Corporate Media journalists, they’d be looking for another venue.

Maybe the Corrupt Corporate Media has an opening.