Krattenmaker’s Moral Deception

This issue has been beaten up enough on the blogs, as of late, that I hate to be just another post, but there’s one issue that I feel has been tragically missed.

In the August 20th USA Today, Tom Krattenmaker’s article was down on the secularists for being, well, so much like the overboard theists — close minded. But, his rant started from a comment he had made that garnered a not-so-open minded reply, in his mind.

Tom says, “… religion should leave scientific research to the scientists and devote itself, along with the fields of ethics and philosophy, to the mighty issues of the human condition: good and evil, the meaning of life, the nature of love and so forth.”

The handbook for the Christian religions, the Holy Bible, is thick with unethical and immoral recipes for living our lives. There are dozens of recommendations to own and rape our slaves, and our women’s slaves, to rape our daughters until they’re pregnant, to sexually abuse young men, to rape, pillage, plunder, and destroy entire races.

Yes, Tom, these are the people who should be spending their time on such wieighty issues as the meaning of life, love, and so forth. No point in expecting to see any morals from someone who doesn’t pattern their lives after the Good Book, now is there?

For a quick run-down on the true nature of the Holy Bible, read it yourself, or spend 5 minutes on the Internet looking it up. Here’s a good place to start — The Annotated Bible. Check out the categories on the right hand side of the page, for example of the things condoned by the Bible.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Don’t pretend that I’m saying all religious people are sickos. I’m not. I am a spiritual person, myself. However, we need to pay attention to what we’re being fed. Religion does not teach us morals. If we don’t get them from within, the Bible will only corrupt us.