7 Americans Die in Iraq Today

I’m sorry to report that we have lost another 7 Americans in Iraq, today. Oh my gosh, you can just smell the progress can’t you?

What kind of lies is the White House trying to feed us? Things aren’t improving. It’s a disaster and everyone knows it. There’s no other way to describe it. We had a chance to do this thing right (not that it was ever the right thing to do) if we had planned before invading. An additional 100,000 troops at the beginning may have helped. Getting the country back on its feet right away would have helped. Now it’s too late for these things.

The only solution is to give Iraq a pull-out date and let them do what needs to be done to be prepared to govern their own country.

Bush has made an absolute disaster of everything he has done to this country and now wants to wait for someone else to come along after him and clean it all up. It’s way past time, but it’s never too late to impeach.