New By Lines

by David Schlecht

Dear gentle readers. Thanks for all the feedback on this site.

Due to popular demand, and due to the number of distinct authors contributing to this blog, you will now see By Lines showing who writes each article. I admit, it’s been rather confusing who we’re reading.

Who wrote the article? The mystery is now solved.

This will also make it easier to search on a particular author.

Tell me what I want to hear or else

by David Schlecht

Remember Saddam Husein? Yes, that’s the one. The tyrant responsible for all those weapons of mass destruction. Remember him? We all saw the awful things that happened when he would dismiss or behead anyone in his government (or family) who didn’t agree with him. Hitler had the same problem. Eventually he had nobody around him who dared express any reality. Eventually Hitler knew very little about how bad the war really was going, because nobody dared tell him.

In today’s news, “Bush advisers favor current war strategy”. Sound familiar?

Bush has replaced anyone and everyone who is willing to express the folly of the surge or the folly of invading Iraq or the need to prepare for country building, or anything. Now, all that are left for the Hitler administration are the yes-men who refuse to explain to George that Paris isn’t burning.

Why does the Corrupt Corporate Media quote these empty shells? Why do they care? Why should we care what “Bush Advisers” have to say? They’ve been so reliably wrong since the very beginning, the only time we should listen to them is when we want to know what NOT to do.

I’m not saying Bush is Hitler. No, America’s Corrupt Corporate Media would never support that. The American Republican party would never blindly support a closed-minded leader who refused to listen to dissension, or even opposing views.  No, it would never happen here. I’m talking about Bush, here, not Hitler. I wonder if Hitler would have supported 21st century medicine and research over biblical rantings? Maybe we would be better off with Hitler. At least then the conservatives would see what they’re signing up for, not that any of them would refrain from joining the party.

It’s not too late to Impeach, but it may well be too late, soon enough. Why wait?

Pope demands respect for Sundays

by Paul Johnson

From the BBC:

Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for renewed respect for Sundays

When the world’s churches come clean, then and only then can they start asking that those of us with morals change our behavior. That’s right, the pope and his church has the morals of barbarians from 3,000 years ago. In fact, that’s where their rules and morals have come from.

That’s right. read the bible, rape your wife, your slaves, your children, even kill your children, just like the bible tells us, and then tell the rest of the world that we need to show respect. Do people with functioning brains really listen to these immoral cult leaders?

Hey Benedict, how about showing respect for the living by donating some of your millions of dollars to stem cell research? How about selling your multi-million dollar churches and help the poor, the unfortunate, the uneducated, the sick. How many people would be saved by closing just one church, Benedict?

Follow Jesus, ban the churches. Read the bible and you will see that Jesus opposed organized religion. Ever wonder why? Follow Jesus, ban the churches, or — follow the Pope and show some more respect for Sundays.