White House Missing Emails

by Dave Speck

So — the deadline has come and gone for the White House’s missing emails. So what?

Will the Democratic congress do anything about it? What’s that you say? Another non-binding panty-waist threat. Will the Democrats get their crap together before they get voted out next November?

If you ask me, I’d say probably not. And, that’s exactly what the Republican machinery wants. Their hate and fear filled followers will come out in droves to vote where the real Americans will stay home in utter horror of what as come of their country.

If there was ever a time for the Democratically controlled congress to do something, it’s right now. Today! Do something!

Lost 9 Soldiers in Iraq, Today

by David Schlecht

I’m sorry to say that we lost nine more brave soldiers, today, in Iraq. Nine soldiers die while General Betray-us betrays the American people. Yes, 6 more years. Yes. YES! Oh, God, YES!

Does anyone else find it worrisome that even our military has become so corrupt that they spew the White House propaganda, without a single shred of honesty or impartiality. Doesn’t that seem just a little scary? Will these same Republican operatives, responsible for our military, turn our military against us in a pinch? Does anyone really doubt that it’s exactly what they would do?

What would Hitler do with this power?