Not ALL Republican Conservatives are Mentally Retarded

by David Schlecht

My thanks to the gentle readers who have correctly noticed that many of the authors on this site condemn groups when they really should be focusing on the specific cases.

It’s not right to condemn all Republicans as morons, or all Nevadans as trailer trash or all conservative media as corporate corrupt or all  conservatives as immoral. Though many of the blog posts demonstrate these principles giving obvious examples, it’s not always correct to condemn the whole group for what the vast majority do.  I’m sure that out of the remaining 26%ers not more than 99.999% are immoral. The last two or three are just stupid. Hence, it’s not fair to blame the poor stupid for being immoral.

Just like you can say that the vast majority of Liberal blogs are accurate and offer plenty of evidence of their statements, there are one or two that don’t. Now we don’t want to be blamed for all being like the one or two, and we all know that not all the Conservative blogs will lie to show just that.  Two or three are just plain stupid.

Hence, I suggest that we all try to do a better job of exposing exactly what is so evident rather than assuming that the readers have the same knowledge foundation that you have.

Okay, enough comedy. There are some good Republicans out there just like there are some bad Liberals. Let’s stick to the specifics rather than generalities.