Heritage Foundation Suffers Corrupt Foundations

by Paul Johnson

In keeping with our goal to avoid broad brush-strokes, I’ll refrain from classifying all Conservatives as morally bankrupt. But, Heritage Foundation, the lighthouse of the Conservative movement, demonstrates some serious moral deficiencies.

The World Health Organization along with the Guttmacher Institute have done a study and found that women do not have fewer abortions in countries where they are outlawed. In other words, social, religious, and political pressure does not reduce the need for or frequency of abortions. Of course, where they are illegal, abortions are considerably less safe and cause a considerably greater health risk to the patient.

Googling this brought up, as my second link, the “Abortion Facts” website. Hmmm, “facts”, maybe a good place to get “facts” on the effects of abortion restrictions. What a joke.¬† What a scam. What a lie. What a disgrace.

Oh Just-Say-Why you’ve seen countless articles of Conservative Corruption. This is just one more example. I’m not saying all Conservatives organizations are Corrupt. When I find one, though, I’ll be sure to let you know.

So, what’s so corrupt about “Abortion Facts” website? The moral corruption comes at many levels. Let’s look at the first two obvious levels.

Corruption One – Lying Liars:
Anyone who has ever read the Bible knows that God hates liars much more than queers. There are only a few references to homosexuality in the Bible but countless references to the moral crimes of deceipt. The Bible also says absolutely nothing about abortion. Nothing!

“Abortion Facts” website, owned and sponsored by the Conservative media outlet, Heritage Foundation, is deceiving thousands of unsuspecting women daily, into thinking they deliver something other than anti-abortion and anti-choice ramblings. The only “facts” about that website¬† is that they are trying to advance a political agenda.

We aren’t talking “Little White Lies” or “they’re just Lies to help the greater good” kinds of lies. We’re talking about lies to further a perspective that is not in anyone’s best interests and does not represent the opinions of the Bible or of God. Liars, plain and simple.

Would a person with any morals ever do such a thing? Would you, personally, try to deceive thousands of women daily to help furthure your personal pet projects? Of course not. Perhaps that’s what separates the Conservatives from the Human Race.

Getting back to the World Health Organization’s study, we see that the lies advanced by the Heritage Foundation regarding abortion do not represent God (but they do represent many organized religions) and they don’t improve the lives of unwanted children or the lives and safety of women. In fact, these lies make it more likely that thousands of women will be forced into the shadows for unsafe abortions, and many more will die or suffer life long injuries.

Stop and think about that. Compare the amount of “good” and who benefits by the Heritage Foundation’s “Abortion Lies” website. Now consider who is harmed. Would anyone with a single ounce of morals do such things? Of course not. They are morally corrupt.

Corruption Two – Purposeful Harm:
For many years, experts have been saying that outlawing abortions doesn’t reduce the need or reliance on the practice. Today we have actual numbers to review to prove the facts. But, will Heritage Foundation admit the error of their ways? Will they stop the immoral condemnation of women who need abortions? Will they apologize for the harm they have already done? Of course not. Would you expect a Conservative organization like Heritage Foundation to ever admit to the facts?

If they won’t change their opinions based on the facts, then it’s not the facts that dictate their position, but something else. What could affect someone’s judgment that is unrelated to facts? How about society? We are all molded by societal pressures every day. Every day we make decisions based on whether we would be accepted or banished for our actions (and thoughts).

This is even worse when it comes to religious condemnation. This seems to indicate that there is a tie between the unthinking fear of condemnation by an unthinking religion and the unthinking refusal to change opinions in the face of facts to the contrary. These pressures from the Conservative community and religion has created a Heritage Foundation that us unable to represent intelligent positions, and “Abortion Facts” is just more proof.

I love living in a free country where lunatics are allowed to spew their ignorance, where society is intelligent enough to discount and ignore their ramblings. Unfortunately, though, far too many people are beginning to actually believe the lies coming from Conservative “Facts”.