America, the Country of Warmongers

by Dave Speck

Yes, you heard me, warmongers! Ouch, does that hurt?

No, I’m not talking about being so easily lied into a war of aggression. I’m not talking about the deaths of 3000+ Americans, and the countless hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. That’s bad, but that’s not the war I’m talking about…

America, you could apply your resources to solve the Iraqi problem, but, no, let’s wage a war.

Let’s wage a war on terror, too. Yes, that’s a good reason for a war. Let’s do that! Let’s wage war on global terror. No reason to fix it, just start a war and then wonder how it will ever end. You do want to “win” don’t you? You’re not thinking of “cutting and running”, now are you?

Yes, war’s the solution. No reason to put our resources into finding the cause of the problem and working to correct it. Let’s go to war!

I know, let’s have a war against the middle class. That’s a good cause. No point in solving the problem, let’s have ourselves a little war. When will it end? Who cares, we’re at war! How about a war on poverty? Oh, yes, let’s war.

Ya, those Democrats who are soft on crime — what we really need is a war on crime. Yes, let’s have another war! WAR!!! No point in finding the cause of the crime and a solution, let’s have a war and wait for it to magically solve something. Oh, yes, WAR!!

While we’re at it, America, let’s have a war on drugs. That’s a good one. The war will be over when we win. You want to win don’t you? Stay the course. No point in trying to solve anything, let’s have a war, oh yes, oh YES, a WAR!!


America, is this really us? Are we really this wrapped up in endless wars? Are we really this stupid? We need to know when to say no to war. Any time we hear a politician selling war, be it a war on drugs or a war on the innocent children of a foreign country, we need to stop and say NO to war. By the way, it’s okay to impeach, too, if the mood strikes.