In Disgust we Trust

by Paul Johnson

We all know that a major part of the American revolution from England was about the need for religious tolerance. The “Church of England” or “The King’s Church” wasn’t to be imposed on America.

There are many references to this in the country’s founding documents, including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

So why do we exclude certain religious beliefs on every single piece of money printed by our government? Why do we denigrate so many of our fellow citizens who don’t view religions as we do? Why do we point out our intolerance of them every day in our Pledge of Allegiance?

Isn’t this exactly what our forefathers were trying to get away from?

You even hear some saying that America is a Christian Nation. Oh, come on, now. Get real! Nobody really believes that trash. Thirty seconds reading the Constitution or the Bill of Rights would convince even the the most thick skulled amongst us.

“In God We Trust” is saying “Anyone believing in another god is not part of WE THE PEOPLE. Yes, that’s exactly the opposite of what our forefathers wanted.

“One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all” means if you don’t pray to OUR GOD, you’re not Indivisible and aren’t part of Liberty and Justice.

Does anyone really believe that this is what our forefathers wanted? I’m all for holding my religious beliefs and don’t like others thinking they have liberty to try to convert me relentlessly. But, it’s immoral for me to force these views upon others just as much as if enough got together and passed laws to change our pledge to say, “One Nation, Devoid of God…” or having all our money changed to say “We Trust in No God”. It sounds silly, but that’s exactly what we’re doing to others.

It’s not right. Let’s take a breath and try the golden rule. Would we like others doing to us what we’re doing to others who don’t think like we do? We’d scream bloody murder, and so should they. And — we should be sensitive enough to know it’s wrong.