The Fundamentally Evil Nature of Man

by David Schlecht

Conservatives and Liberals view society and government differently, to say the least. We often can hardly believe that both sides are discussing the same issue. How can we ever agree on a conclusion as long as we view the issues so differently. Of course, it doesn’t help that some of us dogmatically defend a totally indefensible position just to make a point.

But, why do we view everyday things so differently?

The answer can generally be found by realizing the different role each expects from our government. Even the term, “our government” is charged with Conservatives viewing it as “The government”, not “our government” and view anything beyond protecting us from evil to be an over-reach of the authority of “the government”.

Conservatives view the role of government to be limited to protecting us from the evils inherent in all mankind. Anything more is just forcing us to be good citizens which we don’t need to be, forcing us to help the sick and poor and each other. “Why should I be forced to help all these inherently evil people?”

Conservatives view all people as being inherently evil. Liberals view mankind as fundamentally good.

If a person views most of mankind as inherently evil, what does that say about the thoughts and desires of the Conservative? There can be two options here: 1) the Conservative is fundamentally good and has been taught to fear everyone and fear his own desires, or 2) the Conservative is fundamentally evil.

The rabid Conservatives attacking the children helped by S-CHIP obviously fall into the fundamentally evil group and you can see why they think everyone else is evil. Unfortunately, these are the same Conservative who have hijacked the Republican Party.

Liberals believe people are fundamentally good and just can’t believe when they see Conservatives doing absolutely unethical evils (attacking kids on S-CHIPS for example). We are at risk of being easy targets by not believing just how evil Bush really is.

As mankind spread across the globe, having a strong sense of society and responsibility for our neighbors has enabled mankind to survive. Without it, we would certainly have perished long ago.

If mankind was driven by Conservatives, mankind would have perished.

Now that we have advanced beyond the “US” generations into the “Conservative Me Only” generation, we’re seeing a face of mankind that never survives for long.  However, the evil they can render can be atrocious.

Being Conservative is not a successful trait in society. It works great in dog packs, though.

So, where do people acquire such unsuccessful and sickly traits? Obviously this is taught by the parents. Hence, a sick Conservative generally raises lots of little sick Conservatives who are bullies, and socially unacceptable. Sound like anyone you know?

Eighty percent of America support the S-CHIP assistance for the poor and unfortunate. However, 20% still want them all to die. The fundamentally evil 20% who have taken over the Republican Party.