What We Know by Personal Attacks

by David Schlecht

The Republicans are out if full force, this week, launching personal attacks against everyone who dares to show that the party and the president are devoid of any morals or even a collective heart.

Gore gets a medal! And, the Republican mouthpieces go wild! There isn’t a single one out there with the honor to congratulate Gore and compliment him on pursuing the Global Warming disaster. Whether they agree or not, anyone with any self respect will at least congratulate the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize.

So, why don’t they? Why don’t they attack his facts or his perspectives rather than launching personal attacks against him?

Obviously, it’s because, even with hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Big Oil to convince us there’s nothing wrong with spewing oil exhaust, over half of America knows there’s a growing and undeniable problem. So, if you can’t argue the facts, dishonor the enemy. That’s the Republican way, and this week has been rife with it.

How about the 12-year old boy or the two year old girl saying thanks for S-CHIP? How about a Republican representative saying, gosh, good for your great recovery. But, no, they don’t want to humanize the recipients of this service. They can’t argue the facts, either. None of them are silly enough to say it doesn’t work. So, instead, they smear the children and their families. That’s the new Republican Party.

Personal smears. That’s what the Republican Party is, nothing more. They don’t own a single argument. They’re bankrupt when it comes to ideas that work. “No Services for the Poor”, “No New Taxes”, “No Plan for Iraq”, “No need for a reason to bomb Iran”, “No government oversight for big businesses”, and the list goes on and on.

America has seen decades of the Republican’s failed agenda and see it to be bankrupt. Will the Republican Party recover from this? Only if they can come up with a platform — something other than just fear and smear, oh, and hate the queers.