Stop Apologizing!

by Dave Speck

My gosh! Stop apologizing, already. Finally, a Democratic politician shows a little ambition, a little passion, and so many of the rest of the Democratic Party runs and hides their faces and starts apologizing for the “over the top” comments.

That’s exactly why the Republicans call you spineless. Heck, even the Democrats call you spineless. If we all showed this much passion, we’d be out of this awful train-wreck of a presidency; we’d be out of this awful war, we’d have the Democratic voters showing a little ambition as well.

Hurray for Stark, and keep it up! America needs passionate leaders to show how awful this really is. With the wimpy, whiny, cry-babies apologizing, it’s really hard for the rest of us to get ambitious.

And, yes, we voters still need to show the ambition, if nothing more, then just to continue to show our leaders that we need more passion. A passionate leader can help energize this country. A spineless electorate will continue to put us to sleep. Grow a spine and show some passion!