Telecoms Own Your Government

Dave Speck

[Updated below]

With the latest pandering by the Democrats in Congress (yes Reid, I’m pointing at you), it is painfully obvious that the telecoms have infected the Democratic party. This is unacceptable, but painfully obvious.

Reid knows that it’s wrong to grant the telecoms blanket immunity for the crimes they’ve committed in spying on Americans. But, he’s trying to help his “base”, knowing it’s wrong and knowing that the vast majority of his party is flatly opposed to it.

Why are they voting against the good of their own party? Because someone else owns them, of course.

We have got to force our representatives to pass election reform that makes all Congressional and presidential election publicly funded. It sounds like it would be a great strain on our taxes, but it doesn’t have to be. We could easily pay for all the electioneering by fining the lobbyists 500% for every dollar they spend to bribe our government.

On that note, we should phase out lobbying from businesses. This is such an obvious crime, we need to get it stopped, now. There’s nothing wrong with individuals petitioning their representatives. That’s the American way. However, no paid lobbyists, and no gifts, period!

Without these two fixes, we will never be able to wrest control of our government from the crooked businesses.

[Update] Call Reid’s office at 202-224-3542 and let him know that the law isn’t just for some of us to follow.