Thanksgiving Day and Things to be Thankful For

by David Schlecht

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our gentle readers. While sitting around our dinner tables, today, we can give thanks to the fact that we can still eat from our commercial food supply. Even after 6 years of Republican attempts to destroy our governmental oversight of the food and drug industry, we can still eat without knowing 100% that we’ll be poisoned.

Looking back over the past year or two, it’s amazing the number of cases of tainted food in our food supply.

Starting with the large number of pets who have died this year, we can give thanks if we still have a pet alive. Sure, it’s not “our” food supply, but it’s all part of the same problem, Republican control (or lack thereof) of our oversight.

In America, we’ve seen the number of tainted food cases skyrocket in the past two years.  How many of us will be getting sick from our Turkey Dinners and not from over indulging, but being under Republican Food and Drug oversight. Think of all the contamination of our salads, spinach, and lettuce, this summer and last. Think of the contaminated melons. And look up the number of meat recalls that have occurred this year, and look at how many deals were cut so the meat supplier’s name never made it into the press.

Welcome to Republican controlled oversight. Yes, that’s the same oversight quality we received from the Congress when it was controlled by Republicans.

Why would we ever allow a person who doesn’t believe in government oversight be in charge of our government? That’s like selecting an atheist to teach your bible school.

Another thing to be thankful for is the fact that it’s only been 6-7 years of this Republican-quality food and drug oversight. And, one more thing — we can be thankful that we have the opportunity to fix this in another year.

Thank you America!

The War on Christmas

by Paul Johnson

The Conservatives are out in full force disgracing Christmas. However, from listening from the O-Reily liar, one would think that the problem was that we Christians are showing tolerance for other religions. Gosh, tolerance, what an un-Christian thing to exhibit.

Lying to the American people about the war and then accusing everyone else of disgracing the military and then voting to strip the rights and benefits from the military is just oh, so un-Christian.  The Conservatives like all of O-Reily’s brain-dead followers, think the war on Christmas is about Christians’ mistake of being understanding, compassionate, and tolerant (all the things Jesus encouraged). That’s not the real war on Christmas. The O-Reily war on Christmas is the Conservative war on all things that Jesus taught.

Next time you hear “War on Christmas”, stop and think about what it really means. The Conservatives are destroying everything Christian in America. If they have their way, we’ll be just be like another Islamic republic.  That’s the real war on Christmas.

The Class Wars

by David Schlecht

So, we’re not supposed to talk about this, but the Class Wars are in full swing and our side is losing. Soon, if the Republicans get their way, there will only be two classes of Americans, the Haves (yes, the Republican BASE) and the Have-nots (yes, this will eventually be everyone else). But, don’t be afraid to talk about it. That’s just what the top 1% want. Be afraid to talk about how you’re losing your income and benefits and how the top 1% keep getting richer and richer off the sweat of our labor.

The ultra rich are taking over our government and for the past 25 years have been getting their pet laws passed, and for the most part, the rest of us just went along with it. What, with the billions of dollars spent on lobbying and on factious advertising, we were all behind the “Free Trade Agreements”. Why wasn’t there anyone from our side standing up and saying, “Hey, that’ll ship millions of our jobs over seas.” But, no, all we heard was how nice it would be to be able to buy Wal-Mart products from China’s slave labor.

The ultra-rich are calling the shots and doing their best to make sure we’re doing with less while they do with “all”. It’s time to stand up and get money out of our election process and get the lobbying leeches out of our government.

It’s time to re-instate the old tax on Aristocracy. It’s time to cut the taxes on the working people and activate the 95% tax on the blood suckers. Keep the playing fields level.