The War on Christmas

by Paul Johnson

The Conservatives are out in full force disgracing Christmas. However, from listening from the O-Reily liar, one would think that the problem was that we Christians are showing tolerance for other religions. Gosh, tolerance, what an un-Christian thing to exhibit.

Lying to the American people about the war and then accusing everyone else of disgracing the military and then voting to strip the rights and benefits from the military is just oh, so un-Christian.  The Conservatives like all of O-Reily’s brain-dead followers, think the war on Christmas is about Christians’ mistake of being understanding, compassionate, and tolerant (all the things Jesus encouraged). That’s not the real war on Christmas. The O-Reily war on Christmas is the Conservative war on all things that Jesus taught.

Next time you hear “War on Christmas”, stop and think about what it really means. The Conservatives are destroying everything Christian in America. If they have their way, we’ll be just be like another Islamic republic.  That’s the real war on Christmas.