Continuing Award for the most Do Nothing Republican Senate

As I’ve written before, this Senate continues to shatter all records for obstructionism. No, not the Democrats in the Senate. They, for the most part, are making sacrifices to get things done. But, the Republicans… they’re trying their hardest to destroy America and make it look like it’s the Democrats fault. The most Do Nothing Senate Ever!

Now, in all reality, why would this Senate block more legislation in this fraction of a year than any other full-term Senate? Is it because they don’t want to pass legislation that isn’t 100% pork for their political financiers? Is it because the Republican Senate really doesn’t like any of the bills submitted? Is it that they really are good people and really want America to survive the current long string of disasters?

No, I didn’t really think you would think that, either. No, their entire purpose is to destroy America in any way they can, if it can make their primary enemies (American voters) suffer. Yes, they are playing politics when their country expects, nay, needs them to fulfill their sworn duties. They don’t care. Plain and simple, they don’t care about America. They only care about their corporate owners and future employers.

Interested in seeing exactly what the Republican Senators are so opposed to? It almost makes one sick to see how broken this Republican Party has become.

Will they survive the Bush Legacy?

I can’t see how. America knows what they’re doing, even if the corporate media has refused to report in it. Americans are waking up.