John Edwards for President

by David Schlecht

I’ve been avoiding endorsing any one presidential candidate up until now. However, the candidates have had sufficient time to solidify their platforms and clean up the loose ends on their programs. And, that means it’s time for us Americans to decide who we’re ready to support. And, support is the right word. If you haven’t decided on a candidate, do it. Hopefully this article will give you some food for thought. Once you’ve decided, scrounge up your quarters and any spare change you have and send it to your candidate of choice.

As much as we hate the idea. money still plays an inappropriate role in the selection of the American president, and if you care about America, you’ll send what you can to your candidate of choice.

My candidate? John Edwards. I’ll explain more, shortly.

I am not affiliated with any of the candidates and have donated small “seed money” contributions to the different campaigns, to help ensure that we will have quality candidates to chose from. Now, I’m done comparing the candidates and am firmly behind just one, John Edwards. Here’s why.

1. National Security, Terrorism, Homeland Defense: This entire topic is intended to speak to the emotionally unstable, amongst us. If you’re a thin-skinned Republican, you’re best off skipping this part as you’re sure to not understand it. The Republican fear mongering is only intended to inflame the irrational and unstable and frightened. Most of us have outgrown wetting our pants every time something scary happens, but many haven’t. We call those people Republicans. We’ve suffered terrorism, here at home, many times, and didn’t feel the need to throw away our constitution and rights, not until Bush, any way. When the number of people murdered by terrorists exceeds the number of children in America who die from lack of proper medical care, then it’ll become an issue. Until then, it’s just a Republican ploy to manipulate the weak.

Edwards voted for the Iraq war and admits that it was a mistake. He was voted against further military excursions. Hillary has voted for every hint of the war against, not only Iraq, but Iran as well.

2. “It’s the economy, stupid.” Yes, it’s the economy. This is one of the most important issues facing the post-Republican America. How do we recover from decades of Republican stupidity? How do we recover from “let the market decide” childishness? How do we change “the economy is doing well” to mean, Americans are doing well?

The Clintons are behind the NAFTA that has caused the most harm to American workers since the Republican Great Depression. I sure don’t what them making any more economic decisions for us like that. If Hillary admits that the Free Trade agreements are hurting America, then I’ll have a little more confidence in her economic perspectives. Till then…

Edwards opposes these harmful agreements. Obama thinks they can be reworked to make them usable.

3. Health Care. This is certainly more important than our Global war on Brown People. Anyone who has read my earlier writing on the failing state of the American Health Care know that the Insurance Industry is a fundamental cause of the broken system. By forcing us to all have insurance doesn’t make the insurance companies any more interested in paying out claims. The Insurance Industry needs to be regulated much more than it is. Any industry that makes money refusing to fulfill their side of an agreement, should be banned. Period. Without this, there would be no profit in insurance and hence no middle man in our health crisis, denying us medical treatment.

Hillary wants the Insurance Industry running our health care and everyone required to pay them money. Obama wants insurance involved but with people having the option to go with a public policy as a last resort. Only Edwards sees insurance as a fundamental cause of the rotten state of our health care, and is interested in removing it from the equation. Bold words! No insurance money for you, Mr. Edwards.

4. Media Madness! Of the three, only Edwards seems to be willing to express how broken our media is. This week the FCC has allowed an absolutely awful consolidation of the media. If the Bush criminals have their way, the media will be owned by nobody but Republican before Bush is finally thrown from office. Imagine if Fox owned all the media. A Conservative dream come true. What is Hillary doing about it? Nothing. What is Obama doing? Whining. Edwards has been trying to clean up the media inequality for a long time. Without fixing the media, all the rest of this discussion goes down the drain.

Will Edwards be a perfect president? I seriously doubt it. Will he do all of the things he promises? Obviously not. Will he try to do most? His track record shows that he is committed to the issues and as long has he has our support, I believe he will continue to get America fixed.