Quit Desecrating the US Flag

David Schlecht

US Flag

Don’t you just hate liars? Hypocrites? Those who bear false witness?

I always taught my children not to “hate”. There are much better emotions to use. But, some times, there is no better way to describe the feeling one gets when they see their country being destroyed by flag waiving, cross bearing, self-proclaimed-patriots known as the Conservatives. Every time I see a conservative driving a gas guzzling, terrorist supporting SUV with a “Support the Troops” sticker, or a pasted on American flag, it makes me want to puke.

It’s time for Americans to take back their flag, and their country. The bad guys have taken over the flag and wrapped up all their filthy little deeds in it. The corrupt media just continues to print picture after picture of the most criminal, unpatriotic president and vice president in America’s history, all wrapped up in the flag. Stop, already. If you don’t have your own pictures of the criminals, without the flag, go out and get one. It’s your job, stupid.

The soldier-killing SUVs sporting the American flag should be seen as out and out liars. Nobody thinks you care one hoot about the soldiers if you continue to support the terrorists (in our presidency and over seas). Take down your Support-the-Troops sticker unless you’re ready to do something to save this country from those draped up in our stars and stripes, soiling our country, our constitution, and our flag.

For those of us who do love our country and do support our troops, get out your flag and show that it’s not just the liars who wave it.