Warning! Toxic, Polluted Poisons Oozing From Your Local Media.

Take a short trip with me, and think back to the times the free market was solving its problems with the corrupt tobacco companies. Well, okay, since we can’t find an example of the free market doing anything but causing this problem, let’s instead remember the investigations and the hearing and the penalties imposed on those who would lie to us to make a buck, while the naive of us were dying from their greed.

Remember? The cigarette companies were telling us how it was healthy to smoke.

Now, lets fast forward to some time in the near future. Exxon and the other criminal oil companies will be on trial for lying to us and polluting our science and our media so they can continue to keep dumping their poisons into the air we breathe. We will be finding countless evidence how they purposely polluted our scientific reports to keep America confused so they can continue to destroy the planet. Imagine they will receive justice for causing America to drag our heels on addressing global climate change, just so they can make a couple extra bucks.

Now, how do we get there from here? When will our government start investigating to see who is purposely polluting our media and our sciences with junk Corrupt Conservative science? What will the penalties be? Will we be in time to stop the corruption and stop the pending climate disasters?

The day will come. Will it be in time? Or should we be afraid it’s already too late? It’s not too late to contact your representatives and demand investigations into the Oil Media Corruption.