America is Being Invaded

by David Schlecht


Don’t be afraid of the brown people or the black people or the purple polka-dot people. Be afraid of who is corrupting our government. Big (and small) business already has a very destructive and relentless strangle hold on our politicians. In Nevada, our Republican representatives only represent the businesses, even the ones that don’t operate in Nevada. Our moron, Ensign, is a typical example and you can see plenty of quotes from him throughout this blog.

Today, be afraid of businesses uniting with other businesses to sway our representatives into representing them rather than you and me. Here are just two simple examples:
Blackwater is bribing our government at every level.
The US Chamber of Commerce is threatening our representatives.

It is quickly becoming too late for us to save our country. When we lose control of our politicians, we lose our government. What are we doing having businesses counting our votes on election day? That’s just stupid. Just plain stupid!

If you’re not yet, get out and register. If you have 10 minutes a week, join your local political party and start helping steer our politicians back to the voters and away from the businesses.

This is probably our last chance to save America. What will you be telling your grandkids? “Oh, I was too busy to help,” or “I didn’t know it was this bad,” or “I just didn’t care enough,” or “It was hard but we did it!” Which will it be?

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