Don’t Discount the Non Viable Candidate

Paul Johnson


Don’t Discount the Non Viable Candidate.

When you hear that a particular candidate is not a viable candidate and you’d be wasting your vote, remember who, today, gets to say who is viable. It certainly isn’t you and me. It’s the Corporate Media who gets to show us. And, who would they want to be viable? The ones with the most money to spend on advertising?

Take a look at this poll. You will not see this in the corporate media because they don’t want you to see it. But, if you didn’t see this poll, you would have no idea that there are plenty of viable candidates that the press is ignoring. Just look at this:
Look who is viable

If the media was truly diabolical, like MSNBC refusing to allow Edwards in the debates, they could actually show us any crap they wanted and we’d shuffle around behind them and say, gosh, I guess I better not vote for Edwards, since it would be just throwing my vote away. Well, lookie here, someone has been lying to us. What a surprise.

If you want to avoid those candidates who are not viable, you’re just playing into the hands of the corporate media, and giving them power to arrange the list of viable candidates in all future elections.

There are times, though, when we just know that candidate X would be best but nobody will vote for him. I don’t believe today is that day. Today is the day the corporate media has control over what you feel is viable.

See for yourself who is viable and vote with your heart and your common sense.

[Update:] Well, okay, there does come a time when a non-viable candidate is really no longer viable, mainly, once they withdraw from the race. I’m sorry to see you go, John.