The Need for Compromise and Moderation

The Need for Compromise and Moderation
by David Schlecht

Over the past 8 years, the American Conservatives have been totally unwilling to even consider compromise. In fact, Bush’s claim that he had political capital to spend is indicative of the attitude of the entire misguided Republican Party.  Even now, with a slim Democratic majority in the Senate, the Republicans are still refusing to come together for the sake of America. True patriots, don’t ya think?

By a slim and fleeting majority in two branches of the government, the Republican Party decided they could enact their most unsupported and damaging changes, not through moderation and compromise but by turning a deaf ear and even in most cases, a lie of compromise, to those encouraging common sense.  During this time, the Republican Party has moved America off the cliff to the right. The country now is trembling and faltering from so many years of this type of mis-management.

At this point in time, with America teetering so close to the abyss,  it is time to make a major course adjustment to get us back on the reality road, and try to minimize the obvious and pending damage caused by the Republican control. It is at this time that many of the Democratic leaders are clamoring for compromise and moderation and, “oh, let’s all just get along and work together.”

My God, man (and women in Congress), when you’re quickly approaching a cliff, you don’t just make minor adjustments. You slam on the brakes!

It is not time to compromise! It is not time to make minor adjustments! It is not time to find a middle ground. The middle ground is still off the cliff!

It is time to put America back on the right track.

Only then can we feel safe enough to start negotiating and compromising with those intent on destroying America, the Republican Party. Only then can we consider the folly of destroying our tax structure by creating an untouchable upper class and crushing the lower class under the tax burden. Only then can we consider the Republican plan to turn America into yet another Theocracy, similar to all the failed theocracies in the middle east. Only then can we listen to the Republican Party try to explain to us how we’re safer by making enemies with more people and by invading countries under false pretenses.

Until then, compromise and moderation should be off the table. Get back on track first.