More Telecom Insanity

More Telecom Insanity
David Schlecht

Can anyone believe that our Congress is still pussy-footing around with the Telecom Amnesty bill? Nobody believes that this debate has anything to do with our security or safety. Nobody is that insane. Our elected officials are trying to find a way so slime this one under the table and protect their high-paying Telecom donators from prosecution.

The voters have been watching this very closely and it’s not so easy for Congress to slime it away without being caught, so they’re trying to make it look like they did everything they could to save us but the president and the Republicans scared them and they made a little oopsie.  The Senate has failed America. Now it’s up to the House to do their duty.

The Blue Dogs are sure to side with the enemy — all except a few that are afraid of being caught.

We don’t need a more divided Congress, but as long as the anti-American Republicans are voting in lock-step, the only alternative is for the majority of America to vote in lock-step and vote them out — all of them. Look it up and see if you have a Blue Dog in your area and  write a letter to your newspaper, call a radio talk-show, and, at the very least, write them a letter explaining what they need from Congress and asking if we can get it from them. If not, the answer will be obvious come election day.