Only 99 years, 10 months, 19 days More in Iraq

Only 99 years, 10 months, 19 days More in Iraq
David Schlecht

I got an interesting and amusing e-mail from James Carville, today. He did a good job of explaining the Republican perspective on Iraq, only 99 more years:

That’s how long we have until American troops can leave Iraq according to John McCain’s recent comment that we could stay at war for “maybe 100 years.”  McCain also said such a ludicrously long timetable “would be fine with me.”

The thing is, John McCain isn’t the only Republican senator who doesn’t have a clue on Iraq.  At least four of the DSCC’s top targets have a long and sordid history of blindly supporting the Bush-McCain status quo.

You can see just how lockstep they all are in the latest DSCC web video.  We match the records of four top Republican targets with John McCain and George Bush point for point and quote for quote.

John McCain and the rest of the Senate Republicans may be fine with continuing Bush’s failed policies for the next 100 years, but most Americans couldn’t disagree more.  They want real change, not Senators who echo the Bush status quo in their quotes and their votes.

Not only are the Republicans in Congress continuing in lock step with the failed Bush president, they are so sure thatAmericans are too stupid to realize they are ALL voting party over the good of the country that they even follow lock step behind Bush’s worst decisions, such as the Telecom Amnesty Bill, misnamed as Protect America bill. How stupid do they think we Americans are? Obviously they think we’re pretty darned stupid.

The most amazing thing is that Bush and the rabid Republicans party has managed to keep all the Republican presidential candidates in lock step behind the Bush failures, even though Bush is the most hated president in American history.

Other than stealing elections, again, how would a misguided party like this ever expect to win any races in a country they hate so much?