The Bush Defeat

The Bush Defeat
David Schlecht

Bush and the Republicans keep trying to paint the Democrats as the party of defeat. With enough money spent on lying and deceitful ads, America just may begin to believe it. But, let’s take inventory, here:

  1. Bush forces through tax cuts for the insanely wealthy in America so “Boost the economy”. Well, Bush and Friends, this is the worst economy that America has seen since the last Republican Depression. Failure! Bush defeats himself and America on the economy.
  2. Bush invades an unarmed nation, Iraq, saying we’ll be treated as liberators. Defeat! 5 long years and over 4,000 dead Americans and countless veterans destroyed for life, and no progress to date! Defeat for Bush and his Republican friends.
  3. Bush kills almost 1,000 American soldiers in his “Surge”, and promises that we need this just long enough for the Iraqi government to work out a deal. Well, here we are over a year later, almost 1,000 dead and no progress. Defeat for Bush’s Surge and for all those who supported the failed notion. Bush and the Republican Party of Defeat.
  4. “Take care of the businesses and they will take care of the environment.” We don’t need an Environmental Protection Agency. Bush has filled all the government’s agencies with failed managers, one failure after the next. America and the world are at the gates of hell on the environment and Bush promises that as soon as he leaves office, someone will clean up after him, just like in Iraq. Yet another defeat for Bush and his cronies.
  5. “Let’s privatize Social Security.” Fortunately for us, America already defeated Bush and his billionaire investment cronies or our social security would be down the toilet with the rest of the investments in Bear Sterns and the rest of the hemorrhaging investment companies. America isn’t that stupid, Bush! Chalk this up as yet another failure and another Bush defeat.

And the examples just keep coming and coming. Let’s not mention being defeated by Al Queda, N. Korea, Iraq paying for itself, being greeted as liberators, yes, it just goes on and on.

Republicans, The Party of Defeat. Now of course, they’ll try to paint everyone else as defeatists, but America knows the truth.

War of the Worlds Revisited

War of the Worlds Revisited
Paul Johnson

Hello, again, to all my loyal readers. Please forgive the long hiatus, but I am back.

While away, I heard an interesting story that I just knew you would all enjoy.

The year is 2009 and Bush and his corrupt Administration, along with almost all the Conservatives in DC have left office and America is looking forward to a fruitful and prosperous recovery from the latest Conservative government, even worse than the last one. But, the optimism is short-lived.

As it turns out, Earth is invaded by aliens from other worlds, here to satisfy their need for our resources. These new invaders are far superior to us lowly humans and can predict and thwart any attack we have planned. Before long, all humans are rounded up and pushed off to the far reaches of the planet to try to eek out an existence without sufficient space or resources.

More than half the population die in the first few years and only by the work of the new rulers are some humans saved.

We try to negotiate with the rulers and plead for humane treatment, but always hear the aliens say, “so what, they’re just humans.”

We humans realize that our new rulers are far superior to us intellectually, but lack the simplest of morals. How could they be so insensitive to our basic needs. When new resources have been found around our human colonies, entire towns were simply eradicated of the troublesome human presence.

A most morbid event happens every spring. A few of the more aggressive of the aliens single out some of the most educated and healthiest of the humans and free them, only to hunt them down and murder them in cold blood.

We humans can look at our new leaders and know in our souls that we have the upper hand when it comes to morals. These new leaders know nothing about treating others as they would like to be treated.

What kind of morbid creatures would decimate entire populations of lesser creatures just to have room to exploit the environment? How sick and twisted must these aliens be to hunt down and kill the most promising of our species. What kind of morbid immoral superior race would say, “so what, they’re just humans?”

Well, I’ll tell you. The kind of superior race that is so morbid and immoral is the human race. These things that we would all recognize as reprehensible and ruthless being done to us are things we have learned to ignore when we do it to other species.

When God gave us dominion over the Earth, he didn’t exonerate us for terrorizing and murdering lesser animals for our morbid pleasure. He gave us this Earth to respect and honor and take care of. Do you think God is proud of his children when he sees what we have become? We can fool ourselves all day long about how noble it was to attack Iraq, but we all know in our hearts that God knows the truth and is horrified by our actions.

We are polluting and destroying the Earth, the gift He gave us, every time we fire up that ol’ gas-guzzling SUV, and He knows we know and that we continue to do it anyway.

He sees the hundreds of thousands of people that die every year due to lack of health care and know that it’s our greed and lack of morals that makes it happen. Would God love a national health system for America or would He prefer to see our children die?

Oh, we see ourselves as so intellectually superior but in reality, we’re no better than those monsters who invaded the Earth for our resources. It’s time to wake up and put things in perspective. It’s time to get Progressive.

Bush Driving the Final Nail in the Conservative Coffin

Impeach Bush

Bush Driving the Final Nail in the Conservative Coffin
David Schlecht

Many people have said that the Bush Administration has been the kiss of death for the Republican party. More Republican voters are abandoning the Greedy Ol Party than any time in the recent past. Even I have said that Bush has done long-term harm to the Republican Party.

That’s still as accurate as ever, but it’s a Conservative talking point, and it’s important for us all to know that it’s not just Bush that has caused the demise of the Republican Party. Bush is just an example of what the Conservative agenda is after.

Bush has been the sweetheart of the Conservatives and the Conservatives have convinced the more gullible of the Republican Party that the Republican interests are the same as the Conservative interests. Don’t fool yourself and don’t let the Conservatives fool you. They are not the same.

The Conservatives have been exposed for the nonsense they have pursued through the Bush Administration. America now knows that they want nothing to do with this unAmerican nonsense and have been rejecting the Conservative poisons for two years now.

So, what’s a poisonous Conservative party to do when the public sees you for what you really are? Blame your poisons on Bush and pretend that it’s not your agenda he pursues.

And, that’s exactly what the Conservatives are doing, blaming Bush for their foolish notions.

Do you want to steal from the poor and give tax breaks to the rich? Then you’re a Conservative. Do you want to forbid the public from pooling their money to put into a non-profit health system? Then you’re a Conservative. Do you want to shut down all the food and drug oversight? Then you’re a Conservative.

None of these agenda items are Republican in nature, they are only Conservative, and the Republican Party has been invaded by the Conservatives.

The nail in the coffin should really be the coffin of the Conservative agenda, but they’re successfully making it a nail in the coffin of the Republican party, while trying to distance themselves from the failures. Truly upstanding moral people, don’t you think?

Candlelight Vigils around America – 100 More Years

Candlelight Vigils around America – 100 More Years
David Schlecht

There will be many vigils around the country and around the world to mark the 5th year of this never-ending war — or as McSame McCain would say, 100 more years.

Write the press and join a vigil. The easiest way to get involved is to go to the MoveOn website and  put in your zip code. Put it on your calendar. Wednesday, March 19th. Let your voices be heard.
Wow! Five years, already, and the violence is surging. I guess the surge worked, huh Bush? The economy is tanking. Why don’t we give it just 100 more years? “It’s working, can’t ya tell?”

The Bush administration will continue to ignore the voters’ wishes until there are too many of us to ignore. Get out there and protest and reclaim the America we all know this country can and should be.

Crime and Politics

Impeach Now

Crimes and Politics
David Schlecht

Have you ever been a victim of a crime? Most of us have. Has anyone you know ever been a victim? All of us know someone who has been a victim.

These victims are victims of politics. I’ll explain why.

There are hundreds of crimes that occur on or around the UNR campus in Reno every year. Most go unreported since the police don’t ever (EVER)  follow up on them unless there’s something awful enough to make the front page of the local newspaper. I know people who have had their cars broken into multiple times, but still no investigations.

Not only are there no investigations, but even though there are numerous crimes committed in a relatively small area, there aren’t enough police on patrol to reduce the number of crimes.

Why do we have so many crimes? Where are our police when we need them? Where are all our tax dollars going? Will you be the next victim? Will I? Will someone you love be the next victim?

For every officer patrolling the streets, there are many personnel behind the scenes taking care of such things as supervision, filing reports, maintenance of buildings and vehicles, you name it. So, for every office that is taken off the beat to pursue unimportant crimes, there are many people that would normally been available to prevent the real crimes.

What crimes are important enough to take patrolmen off the streets? What crimes are important enough that we can endure rapes and homicides and burglaries and worse?

I know.

It’s so important that we investigate and pursue the awful crimes of the neighbor college kids smoking dope in the privacy of their own homes, that I would gladly suffer being shot to death in a home robbery, just to make sure we catch the pot smokers. And, even worse, there might be pornography going on in the darkness of someone’s bedroom. I’d gladly have you shot to death in a robbery so my cops can spend their time investigating the heathens up the street.


Even a single officer being taken off real crime patrol to work on stupid law breaking like drug use is just plain stupid. Stupid!

So, why do we have our police doing this kind of stuff rather than doing what’s really important? It’s because some of our politicians have gotten elected by claiming that their opponents are soft on crime. Following this silly reasoning, any law that we could be enforcing, and taking police works away from real crimes, could get a politician elected. “Let’s have more drug laws and fewer police on real crime.” Who would ever vote for such a politician? Lots of people do.

I would say that the “soft on crime” negative advertisements come mostly from the Republican party, but there are plenty of misguided Democratic candidates that do the same, just to get elected.

If we hear a politician use the “soft on crime” argument, then we should immediately see them for what they are. They’re interested only in getting elected, even if it makes you less safe in the process. We don’t want these kinds of people in our government.

Repeal the silly laws and get our police out there doing the jobs they really want to do and doing the things we really want them to so. Keep us safe. There are plenty of crimes with victims that we don’t need to waste our time or money passing and enforcing laws that don’t have victims.

Whatever Shall We Do With The Spitzer Scandal?

Whatever Shall We Do With The Spitzer Scandal?
David Schlecht

By now we’ve all heard about the prostitute-engaging Governor, Spitzer. I’m sure we’ve all heard the Republican smear machine trying to make this into something serious. But let’s look at this in perspective.

I’m not about to try to defend Spitzer. If he has any defense, then I’m sure it’ll come out. But in all reality, where does this rank in today’s  events? In the news, today, Bush’s lie-of-a-war is continuing to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children this and every year in childhood related illnesses. This is just plain and simple, murder by lies. Where does the murder of hundreds of thousands of children rank along side employing a prostitute?

The Bush administration has destroyed our economy to the point that the majority of economists are worrying about another Republican Great Depression. Already there are millions of Americans losing their American dream, their homes, their livelihoods, their life savings, all due to either Bush’s gross mismanagement or just plain old greed and Chronyism. Explain to me how this ranks with prostitution services.

We have the most dangerous Republican congress members of all time. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they will follow a hitler-esque leader, lock, step, right into Armageddon. If that’s isn’t enough to scare the daylights out of you, then you’re not paying attention. Now, how does this compare with a prostitute scandal?

Our country is slipping back into the dark ages with constitutionally illegal state-based black magic for sex education, teaching black magic as facts while requiring text books to say evolution is “just a theory”.  We are purposely teaching our kids to discount facts and reason for magic and ghosts. How does that compare with this scandal?

Okay, so we all agree that it’s a bad, bad thing that Spitzer did, even worse than causing tens of thousands of unwanted pregnancies and STDs through the teaching of black magic, then how do we deal with it?

Should we force him to resign and put a lock-step Nazi in his place? Well, Rush and his poison perspectives would certainly make you think so. Look into the good things Spitzer has done and then think about what more good he may do. Then think about the alternative of more lock-step Republicans in office. Which would you prefer? Which would be better for our country?

And, I can’t leave this issue without bringing to light just one more scandal in today’s news that, like all the rest of the Republican crimes, totally obscures anything like a sex scandal. The politicization of our country’s legal system. It has been commandeered by the Republicans to illegally wire-tap sex talk of Democratic politicians, while letting Osama bin Laden go free.  We know they’re illegally tapping our phones, now we know what they’re looking for. Re-election. No need for them to worry about the security of the country, by God, the Democrats are talking about SEX!

A Health Care Story

Impeach Now

A Health Care Story
David Schlecht

Surveys show that the majority of Americans know there’s a health care crisis, but less than half consider their coverage unacceptable. Why is that?

A little research of my own seems to indicate that the surveys are asking the wrong questions. Let me tell you a little story.

My wife and I have good friends, a married couple, Sally and Tom, who were happy with their health coverage, too. They are in their late 30s and until recently, quite healthy. Sally had a little trouble with Asthma when she was in her 20s but it went away.

Recently, she had an asthma attack that put her in the hospital.

You probably already guessed, but I’ll tell you, any way. Their insurance refused to cover the costs because it was a “Pre-existing condition.” In fact, since they failed to report a pre-existing condition on their application, the carrier decided it was a good time to drop their coverage, entirely.

The medical costs have destroyed their life savings and they have had to take loans out against their retirement accounts. Tom is in the software business and had a pretty good retirement nest-egg started. Right now, they’re wondering if Social Security will be around when they retire as they will be working the rest of their lives just to pay for their medical.

In order to get coverage for Sally, Tom left his job and went to work at a government agency where he could take advantage of a health-coverage co-op. The insurance is still shockingly expensive and even though Tom is making less money, at least they have the feeling that they’re secure in their health coverage.

Recently, Tom has been complaining of recurring headaches. He has a spot at the top of his brain’s right hemisphere that causes excruciating pain from time to time. Tom exercises regularly and is quite fit. His blood pressure is great and has no problems with his vision.

So, what is Tom going to do about his headaches? He knows that if he goes to a doctor and nothing shows up, and some time down the road he finds he has a tumor or aneurysm he knows that any new insurance covering them would immediately drop him just like they did Sally.

Would Tom and Sally say they were happy with their current insurance. Probably yes.  Should they be happy with their current condition. Of course not, but at least Sally is covered and if Tom has to go to the hospital now, at least he is covered.

Are you happy with your coverage? Would your insurer drop you like they did Sally if you come down with an expensive ailment? It’s obvious the only solution to this problem that all Americans face is to take the insane profits out of the Medical Industry, and the only way to do that is with a national health care.

Now, sure, we’ve all heard the propaganda put out by the insanely profitable health care industry how it would be just terrible if we went that route. After all, someone somewhere came to America to get an operation that their national health care didn’t cover.  Someone somewhere. Sounds like deceptive propaganda to me. After all, why would the industry not fight to keep their insane profits? They could spend billions on deceptive ads every year and still make insane profits, and that’s just what they plan to do.

The Hillary, Lieberman, McCain Ticket

Impeach Now

The Hillary, Lieberman, McCain Ticket
David Schlecht

Let’s get the nonsense out of the way at the start. I will gladly support either of our wonderful Democratic presidential candidates. Anyone who says they’ll vote Republican, or not vote at all (it’s the same thing, folks) if their favorite doesn’t get the nomination has no clue how important this election is for America. Either candidate will make a great president but both will require continued pressure from you and me. It’s not over after the election, it’s just beginning.

With that said, I would like to review some of the changes I’m seeing in the Hillary campaign. With the straight 7-state loss, Hillary knew she needed to change tactics and get more aggressive in her campaigning. Suddenly we are seeing a side of Hillary that concerns almost all of us, even her strident supporters.

First came her “I’m a Republican” ad with the 3 AM phone call advertisement. What on Earth was she thinking? Trying to get votes by scaring us is so, oh I don’t know, Republican. How stupid. How un-Democratic.

Then came her comments that only she and McCain would make good Commanders-in-Chief. This one almost knocked me off my chair. What is she doing implying that if we don’t get her as a candidate that we should be voting Republican. What is wrong with this candidate? This is way beyond stupid. This is the kind of things you would expect from Lieberman. It’s like she’s saying, “I’ll do anything I have to in order to be president, even if that means hurting the party or the country.” Hillary Lieberman. If she misses the Democratic nomination will she join the Republicans and become McCain’s running mate, like Lieberman?

I can’t believe we didn’t see the Lieberman facade when he was running for vice-president. I wonder if we would see the same tendencies in Hillary if she’s another Lieberman. It seems pretty obvious that she is demonstrating some very unhealthy characteristics for a president.

We have seen some negative campaigning from Obama, so I’m not saying either is better. I’m just pointing out that we Americans hold our elected officials to a higher standard than we are seeing in Hillary. In fact, we are seeing Republican standards coming from her campaign.

This is not the time for our candidates to start picking each other apart, it’s time to start picking apart McCain. At this point, we all realize how similar our Democratic candidates are and the vast majority of us would vote for either candidate.

This means we need to know who would be best campaigning against McCain. It’s time for our candidates to show us who would be a better opponent to the Republican smear campaign and not who is more like a Republican. Campaign against McCain, not each other.

There’s a Storm Coming

There’s a Storm Coming
David Schlecht

We are standing on the edge of the abyss, looking a long way down to pain and suffering for generations to come. It a long and destructive fall and we see it as clear as day. The past 28 years of Conservative rule in America has almost destroyed this country. You know this isn’t an exaggeration because you see it around us every day.

We have seen our economy destroyed, and we’re at the point that many financial experts are even saying the words Great Depression. American workers are making less in spendable income than any time since the Great Republican Depression, working conditions are worse than they have been for decades, our food supply is filled with poisons, our environment is crumbling, even our airplanes have cracks in them. All because of the past 28 years of Conservative rule.

Let me explain that I am not for or against either of the front-runner Democratic presidential candidates. I believe that either of them would make a great improvement over what’s we’ve seen the past 8 years and with continued encouragement from us can do wonders for our country.

Let me explain why it’s been 28 years of Conservative rule. Reagan began the process of destroying our working class by busting the unions and by refusing to enforce labor laws. This was just the beginning of the decline of the working class.

Then came Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress. He wasn’t as bad as Reagan but he advanced many Conservative issues with the help of the Congress. Clinton saw continued decline in  the quality of life for the working class by continuing to hurt the unions, by refusing to undo the destruction done during the Reagan years, and most terribly by promising not to pursue Free Trade and then turning around and passing it. Free Trade. What a name. The only thing free about it is it gets America’s working class to compete with almost free labor in other countries.

Nobody thinks dropping our tariffs has helped this country in any way. In fact, our tariffs  helped this country become the super power it was before the past 28 year decline. We need our jobs here at home. No more free labor to compete with the American working class. Sorry Clinton, but you were a Conservative in many important ways.

Then came the Bush years. What can I say? With the Conservatives in complete control of our country, we saw the fastest decline in everything that matters to this country. Spendable income fell through the floor, the economy is on the brink of collapsing as is our environment. The most corrupt government this country has seen, exceeding even the best hopes of 3rd world tyrants. The polar ice caps are melting around us and the Republican are still plugging their ears and yelling la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you.

We are standing on the abyss and another 4 years of Conservatives with their foot on the gas will plunge us into a darkness that this country and this world has never seen before.

Sure, we may be able to weed many of the rabid Republicans out of our government, but there are still many Conservative Democrats in Congress. This can be seen by our inability to get few meaningful things passed even with a 51% majority. We need more than just a few more Democrats. We need a whole lot more and a lot more progressive ones at that.

Look at Kansas. The Conservatives have done a remarkable job of getting their ilk in politics. All the way down to the lowly school boards, the Conservatives are poisoning our country. It’s time for us to get them out of our government. The only way to do that is to get out and participate.

Join a school board, run for city council, send $5 or $50 or $500 to local politicians, start a website, talk to friends and neighbors. Do something, no matter how small or insignificant. Every little bit helps. Then, next time, maybe you’ll realize how good it feels to be part of the solution and will actually look forward to helping more.

Look at what we’ve seen in the Bush years and multiply that by the “fanatic” factor of McCain and imagine what this country will be like in one year, or four or 10. The Conservative dream come true. No public schools, education only for the elite, no Social Security, no social programs where we can contribute our tax dollars to helping each other out, no USDA to protect our food or medicine, no more environmental controls, no limits to corporate control of our information, our lives, and our government. Yes, the Conservative dream is closer than you know.

Then, look at what this will look like in four years with a Liberal presidency and a strong majority in Congress. Clean air, clean water, decent jobs, predatory trade policy protections, safer work places, public health care, improved schools, separation of church and state. It’s a long row to hoe to get there from the abyss but it’s possible, but only with a strong majority and only if YOU get and stay involved. Even a Democratic government won’t give a hoot what you think or want if you don’t make at least as much noise and the lobbyists. Get involved! Do it today. Do it now!

The Urgent Need for Campaign Finance Reform


The Urgent Need for Campaign Finance Reform
David Schlecht

Back in the 90s when Hillary Clinton was working so hard to put together a national health plan, she was blown out of the water by millions of dollars in negative ads. The American sheeple (no, not just the Republicans) took the health industry media, hook, line, and sinker. May of us were not so sure if this was the right thing. That’s how successful the unethical Health Industry media campaign was. That’s what millions of dollars in misleading advertising will buy.

No only are unethical industries infecting our media, they have infected and all but destroyed our government.

There is not a politician that can win election without taking bribes from the “Free Market”. These bribes don’t come unattached. They have strings — big string attached. If these politicians want to stay in power, they must continue to take these unethical bribes or they’ll be out on their ears come next election.

It’s not just the unethical Health Care Industry, it’s all the major politically-contributing industries. There’s the Health Care Industry, the Defense Industry, the Corrupt Corporate Media, there’s the Mega Telecoms, the churches, you name it, and they’ve infected our government.

The only, let me repeat, ONLY way we can take back our government is to get big money out of the political process, and the only way to do this is to write to and send letters to your politicians and to your local newspapers bringing this issue to the forefront. If we make this an issue from today, forward, we’ll have political reformers in office in short order and will have a campaign finance reform that gets the unethical big businesses out of our government.

Only then, will we be successful at getting our oversight agencies back in place and only will we then be able to protect America.

Campaign Finance Reform, Now! Right after the Bush Impeachments, of course.