The Urgent Need for Campaign Finance Reform


The Urgent Need for Campaign Finance Reform
David Schlecht

Back in the 90s when Hillary Clinton was working so hard to put together a national health plan, she was blown out of the water by millions of dollars in negative ads. The American sheeple (no, not just the Republicans) took the health industry media, hook, line, and sinker. May of us were not so sure if this was the right thing. That’s how successful the unethical Health Industry media campaign was. That’s what millions of dollars in misleading advertising will buy.

No only are unethical industries infecting our media, they have infected and all but destroyed our government.

There is not a politician that can win election without taking bribes from the “Free Market”. These bribes don’t come unattached. They have strings — big string attached. If these politicians want to stay in power, they must continue to take these unethical bribes or they’ll be out on their ears come next election.

It’s not just the unethical Health Care Industry, it’s all the major politically-contributing industries. There’s the Health Care Industry, the Defense Industry, the Corrupt Corporate Media, there’s the Mega Telecoms, the churches, you name it, and they’ve infected our government.

The only, let me repeat, ONLY way we can take back our government is to get big money out of the political process, and the only way to do this is to write to and send letters to your politicians and to your local newspapers bringing this issue to the forefront. If we make this an issue from today, forward, we’ll have political reformers in office in short order and will have a campaign finance reform that gets the unethical big businesses out of our government.

Only then, will we be successful at getting our oversight agencies back in place and only will we then be able to protect America.

Campaign Finance Reform, Now! Right after the Bush Impeachments, of course.