There’s a Storm Coming

There’s a Storm Coming
David Schlecht

We are standing on the edge of the abyss, looking a long way down to pain and suffering for generations to come. It a long and destructive fall and we see it as clear as day. The past 28 years of Conservative rule in America has almost destroyed this country. You know this isn’t an exaggeration because you see it around us every day.

We have seen our economy destroyed, and we’re at the point that many financial experts are even saying the words Great Depression. American workers are making less in spendable income than any time since the Great Republican Depression, working conditions are worse than they have been for decades, our food supply is filled with poisons, our environment is crumbling, even our airplanes have cracks in them. All because of the past 28 years of Conservative rule.

Let me explain that I am not for or against either of the front-runner Democratic presidential candidates. I believe that either of them would make a great improvement over what’s we’ve seen the past 8 years and with continued encouragement from us can do wonders for our country.

Let me explain why it’s been 28 years of Conservative rule. Reagan began the process of destroying our working class by busting the unions and by refusing to enforce labor laws. This was just the beginning of the decline of the working class.

Then came Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress. He wasn’t as bad as Reagan but he advanced many Conservative issues with the help of the Congress. Clinton saw continued decline in¬† the quality of life for the working class by continuing to hurt the unions, by refusing to undo the destruction done during the Reagan years, and most terribly by promising not to pursue Free Trade and then turning around and passing it. Free Trade. What a name. The only thing free about it is it gets America’s working class to compete with almost free labor in other countries.

Nobody thinks dropping our tariffs has helped this country in any way. In fact, our tariffs  helped this country become the super power it was before the past 28 year decline. We need our jobs here at home. No more free labor to compete with the American working class. Sorry Clinton, but you were a Conservative in many important ways.

Then came the Bush years. What can I say? With the Conservatives in complete control of our country, we saw the fastest decline in everything that matters to this country. Spendable income fell through the floor, the economy is on the brink of collapsing as is our environment. The most corrupt government this country has seen, exceeding even the best hopes of 3rd world tyrants. The polar ice caps are melting around us and the Republican are still plugging their ears and yelling la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you.

We are standing on the abyss and another 4 years of Conservatives with their foot on the gas will plunge us into a darkness that this country and this world has never seen before.

Sure, we may be able to weed many of the rabid Republicans out of our government, but there are still many Conservative Democrats in Congress. This can be seen by our inability to get few meaningful things passed even with a 51% majority. We need more than just a few more Democrats. We need a whole lot more and a lot more progressive ones at that.

Look at Kansas. The Conservatives have done a remarkable job of getting their ilk in politics. All the way down to the lowly school boards, the Conservatives are poisoning our country. It’s time for us to get them out of our government. The only way to do that is to get out and participate.

Join a school board, run for city council, send $5 or $50 or $500 to local politicians, start a website, talk to friends and neighbors. Do something, no matter how small or insignificant. Every little bit helps. Then, next time, maybe you’ll realize how good it feels to be part of the solution and will actually look forward to helping more.

Look at what we’ve seen in the Bush years and multiply that by the “fanatic” factor of McCain and imagine what this country will be like in one year, or four or 10. The Conservative dream come true. No public schools, education only for the elite, no Social Security, no social programs where we can contribute our tax dollars to helping each other out, no USDA to protect our food or medicine, no more environmental controls, no limits to corporate control of our information, our lives, and our government. Yes, the Conservative dream is closer than you know.

Then, look at what this will look like in four years with a Liberal presidency and a strong majority in Congress. Clean air, clean water, decent jobs, predatory trade policy protections, safer work places, public health care, improved schools, separation of church and state. It’s a long row to hoe to get there from the abyss but it’s possible, but only with a strong majority and only if YOU get and stay involved. Even a Democratic government won’t give a hoot what you think or want if you don’t make at least as much noise and the lobbyists. Get involved! Do it today. Do it now!