The Hillary, Lieberman, McCain Ticket

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The Hillary, Lieberman, McCain Ticket
David Schlecht

Let’s get the nonsense out of the way at the start. I will gladly support either of our wonderful Democratic presidential candidates. Anyone who says they’ll vote Republican, or not vote at all (it’s the same thing, folks) if their favorite doesn’t get the nomination has no clue how important this election is for America. Either candidate will make a great president but both will require continued pressure from you and me. It’s not over after the election, it’s just beginning.

With that said, I would like to review some of the changes I’m seeing in the Hillary campaign. With the straight 7-state loss, Hillary knew she needed to change tactics and get more aggressive in her campaigning. Suddenly we are seeing a side of Hillary that concerns almost all of us, even her strident supporters.

First came her “I’m a Republican” ad with the 3 AM phone call advertisement. What on Earth was she thinking? Trying to get votes by scaring us is so, oh I don’t know, Republican. How stupid. How un-Democratic.

Then came her comments that only she and McCain would make good Commanders-in-Chief. This one almost knocked me off my chair. What is she doing implying that if we don’t get her as a candidate that we should be voting Republican. What is wrong with this candidate? This is way beyond stupid. This is the kind of things you would expect from Lieberman. It’s like she’s saying, “I’ll do anything I have to in order to be president, even if that means hurting the party or the country.” Hillary Lieberman. If she misses the Democratic nomination will she join the Republicans and become McCain’s running mate, like Lieberman?

I can’t believe we didn’t see the Lieberman facade when he was running for vice-president. I wonder if we would see the same tendencies in Hillary if she’s another Lieberman. It seems pretty obvious that she is demonstrating some very unhealthy characteristics for a president.

We have seen some negative campaigning from Obama, so I’m not saying either is better. I’m just pointing out that we Americans hold our elected officials to a higher standard than we are seeing in Hillary. In fact, we are seeing Republican standards coming from her campaign.

This is not the time for our candidates to start picking each other apart, it’s time to start picking apart McCain. At this point, we all realize how similar our Democratic candidates are and the vast majority of us would vote for either candidate.

This means we need to know who would be best campaigning against McCain. It’s time for our candidates to show us who would be a better opponent to the Republican smear campaign and not who is more like a Republican. Campaign against McCain, not each other.

7 thoughts on “The Hillary, Lieberman, McCain Ticket”

  1. Jon Stewart noted that the phone in Hillary’s “3 am” commercial rang 7 times, which seemed a long time. He wondered why the phone wasn’t picked up a bit quicker.

    Well, you got to get up, go to the next room, shoo out the floozy, wake the guy with the experience up and get him to answer the phone.

    That takes time.

  2. If Obama is the nominee I will vote for McCain, eventho’ I am a Democrat.. Obama has no experience, where experience counts. He is after power and control, in my opinion.. From your column it’s obvious you are trying to advance Obama’s nomination…I hope this country thinks long and hard before they put that man in the White House…

  3. Wow, Mary, you really think McSame with all his known issues is better than Obama? Do you have any concrete reasons, something more than “power and control”? It’s not a sports team. We don’t support our team at the exclusion of all others. Is that what you’re doing?

  4. and so what’s so wrong with McCain? Anything you can say bad about him you can say about any candidate. It doesn’t go the other way. You can’t say he is weak on terror but you can say that about any of the Democrat candidates. If it’s not a team then why won’t you vote for a Republican. Double Standards.

  5. I agree. Clinton has stepped over the line on this one. Over the line into Republican territory.

  6. If Obama does not offer the VP spot to Hillary then I will not vote for him. I am a conservative Democrat and I feel that Hillary has transformed herself into a great candidate. She has very significant support within the party and deserves to be on the ticket. It would be a sign of strength if Obama selects her even though conventional wisdom is against it.

  7. Hillary as an idependant with Lieberman on the bottem of the ticket would be awesome!It would be a powerful combo in places like Nevada.I think alot of people are fed up with the Howard Dean dem. party with all the superleft leaning and want to reclaim a more stable and sane democratic party!A double indepedant run like Hillary and Lieberman would be awesome!!!!!

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