A Health Care Story

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A Health Care Story
David Schlecht

Surveys show that the majority of Americans know there’s a health care crisis, but less than half consider their coverage unacceptable. Why is that?

A little research of my own seems to indicate that the surveys are asking the wrong questions. Let me tell you a little story.

My wife and I have good friends, a married couple, Sally and Tom, who were happy with their health coverage, too. They are in their late 30s and until recently, quite healthy. Sally had a little trouble with Asthma when she was in her 20s but it went away.

Recently, she had an asthma attack that put her in the hospital.

You probably already guessed, but I’ll tell you, any way. Their insurance refused to cover the costs because it was a “Pre-existing condition.” In fact, since they failed to report a pre-existing condition on their application, the carrier decided it was a good time to drop their coverage, entirely.

The medical costs have destroyed their life savings and they have had to take loans out against their retirement accounts. Tom is in the software business and had a pretty good retirement nest-egg started. Right now, they’re wondering if Social Security will be around when they retire as they will be working the rest of their lives just to pay for their medical.

In order to get coverage for Sally, Tom left his job and went to work at a government agency where he could take advantage of a health-coverage co-op. The insurance is still shockingly expensive and even though Tom is making less money, at least they have the feeling that they’re secure in their health coverage.

Recently, Tom has been complaining of recurring headaches. He has a spot at the top of his brain’s right hemisphere that causes excruciating pain from time to time. Tom exercises regularly and is quite fit. His blood pressure is great and has no problems with his vision.

So, what is Tom going to do about his headaches? He knows that if he goes to a doctor and nothing shows up, and some time down the road he finds he has a tumor or aneurysm he knows that any new insurance covering them would immediately drop him just like they did Sally.

Would Tom and Sally say they were happy with their current insurance. Probably yes.  Should they be happy with their current condition. Of course not, but at least Sally is covered and if Tom has to go to the hospital now, at least he is covered.

Are you happy with your coverage? Would your insurer drop you like they did Sally if you come down with an expensive ailment? It’s obvious the only solution to this problem that all Americans face is to take the insane profits out of the Medical Industry, and the only way to do that is with a national health care.

Now, sure, we’ve all heard the propaganda put out by the insanely profitable health care industry how it would be just terrible if we went that route. After all, someone somewhere came to America to get an operation that their national health care didn’t cover.  Someone somewhere. Sounds like deceptive propaganda to me. After all, why would the industry not fight to keep their insane profits? They could spend billions on deceptive ads every year and still make insane profits, and that’s just what they plan to do.