Whatever Shall We Do With The Spitzer Scandal?

Whatever Shall We Do With The Spitzer Scandal?
David Schlecht

By now we’ve all heard about the prostitute-engaging Governor, Spitzer. I’m sure we’ve all heard the Republican smear machine trying to make this into something serious. But let’s look at this in perspective.

I’m not about to try to defend Spitzer. If he has any defense, then I’m sure it’ll come out. But in all reality, where does this rank in today’s  events? In the news, today, Bush’s lie-of-a-war is continuing to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children this and every year in childhood related illnesses. This is just plain and simple, murder by lies. Where does the murder of hundreds of thousands of children rank along side employing a prostitute?

The Bush administration has destroyed our economy to the point that the majority of economists are worrying about another Republican Great Depression. Already there are millions of Americans losing their American dream, their homes, their livelihoods, their life savings, all due to either Bush’s gross mismanagement or just plain old greed and Chronyism. Explain to me how this ranks with prostitution services.

We have the most dangerous Republican congress members of all time. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they will follow a hitler-esque leader, lock, step, right into Armageddon. If that’s isn’t enough to scare the daylights out of you, then you’re not paying attention. Now, how does this compare with a prostitute scandal?

Our country is slipping back into the dark ages with constitutionally illegal state-based black magic for sex education, teaching black magic as facts while requiring text books to say evolution is “just a theory”.  We are purposely teaching our kids to discount facts and reason for magic and ghosts. How does that compare with this scandal?

Okay, so we all agree that it’s a bad, bad thing that Spitzer did, even worse than causing tens of thousands of unwanted pregnancies and STDs through the teaching of black magic, then how do we deal with it?

Should we force him to resign and put a lock-step Nazi in his place? Well, Rush and his poison perspectives would certainly make you think so. Look into the good things Spitzer has done and then think about what more good he may do. Then think about the alternative of more lock-step Republicans in office. Which would you prefer? Which would be better for our country?

And, I can’t leave this issue without bringing to light just one more scandal in today’s news that, like all the rest of the Republican crimes, totally obscures anything like a sex scandal. The politicization of our country’s legal system. It has been commandeered by the Republicans to illegally wire-tap sex talk of Democratic politicians, while letting Osama bin Laden go free.  We know they’re illegally tapping our phones, now we know what they’re looking for. Re-election. No need for them to worry about the security of the country, by God, the Democrats are talking about SEX!