Candlelight Vigils around America – 100 More Years

Candlelight Vigils around America – 100 More Years
David Schlecht

There will be many vigils around the country and around the world to mark the 5th year of this never-ending war — or as McSame McCain would say, 100 more years.

Write the press and join a vigil. The easiest way to get involved is to go to the MoveOn website and  put in your zip code. Put it on your calendar. Wednesday, March 19th. Let your voices be heard.
Wow! Five years, already, and the violence is surging. I guess the surge worked, huh Bush? The economy is tanking. Why don’t we give it just 100 more years? “It’s working, can’t ya tell?”

The Bush administration will continue to ignore the voters’ wishes until there are too many of us to ignore. Get out there and protest and reclaim the America we all know this country can and should be.