Crime and Politics

Impeach Now

Crimes and Politics
David Schlecht

Have you ever been a victim of a crime? Most of us have. Has anyone you know ever been a victim? All of us know someone who has been a victim.

These victims are victims of politics. I’ll explain why.

There are hundreds of crimes that occur on or around the UNR campus in Reno every year. Most go unreported since the police don’t ever (EVER)  follow up on them unless there’s something awful enough to make the front page of the local newspaper. I know people who have had their cars broken into multiple times, but still no investigations.

Not only are there no investigations, but even though there are numerous crimes committed in a relatively small area, there aren’t enough police on patrol to reduce the number of crimes.

Why do we have so many crimes? Where are our police when we need them? Where are all our tax dollars going? Will you be the next victim? Will I? Will someone you love be the next victim?

For every officer patrolling the streets, there are many personnel behind the scenes taking care of such things as supervision, filing reports, maintenance of buildings and vehicles, you name it. So, for every office that is taken off the beat to pursue unimportant crimes, there are many people that would normally been available to prevent the real crimes.

What crimes are important enough to take patrolmen off the streets? What crimes are important enough that we can endure rapes and homicides and burglaries and worse?

I know.

It’s so important that we investigate and pursue the awful crimes of the neighbor college kids smoking dope in the privacy of their own homes, that I would gladly suffer being shot to death in a home robbery, just to make sure we catch the pot smokers. And, even worse, there might be pornography going on in the darkness of someone’s bedroom. I’d gladly have you shot to death in a robbery so my cops can spend their time investigating the heathens up the street.


Even a single officer being taken off real crime patrol to work on stupid law breaking like drug use is just plain stupid. Stupid!

So, why do we have our police doing this kind of stuff rather than doing what’s really important? It’s because some of our politicians have gotten elected by claiming that their opponents are soft on crime. Following this silly reasoning, any law that we could be enforcing, and taking police works away from real crimes, could get a politician elected. “Let’s have more drug laws and fewer police on real crime.” Who would ever vote for such a politician? Lots of people do.

I would say that the “soft on crime” negative advertisements come mostly from the Republican party, but there are plenty of misguided Democratic candidates that do the same, just to get elected.

If we hear a politician use the “soft on crime” argument, then we should immediately see them for what they are. They’re interested only in getting elected, even if it makes you less safe in the process. We don’t want these kinds of people in our government.

Repeal the silly laws and get our police out there doing the jobs they really want to do and doing the things we really want them to so. Keep us safe. There are plenty of crimes with victims that we don’t need to waste our time or money passing and enforcing laws that don’t have victims.