Bush Driving the Final Nail in the Conservative Coffin

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Bush Driving the Final Nail in the Conservative Coffin
David Schlecht

Many people have said that the Bush Administration has been the kiss of death for the Republican party. More Republican voters are abandoning the Greedy Ol Party than any time in the recent past. Even I have said that Bush has done long-term harm to the Republican Party.

That’s still as accurate as ever, but it’s a Conservative talking point, and it’s important for us all to know that it’s not just Bush that has caused the demise of the Republican Party. Bush is just an example of what the Conservative agenda is after.

Bush has been the sweetheart of the Conservatives and the Conservatives have convinced the more gullible of the Republican Party that the Republican interests are the same as the Conservative interests. Don’t fool yourself and don’t let the Conservatives fool you. They are not the same.

The Conservatives have been exposed for the nonsense they have pursued through the Bush Administration. America now knows that they want nothing to do with this unAmerican nonsense and have been rejecting the Conservative poisons for two years now.

So, what’s a poisonous Conservative party to do when the public sees you for what you really are? Blame your poisons on Bush and pretend that it’s not your agenda he pursues.

And, that’s exactly what the Conservatives are doing, blaming Bush for their foolish notions.

Do you want to steal from the poor and give tax breaks to the rich? Then you’re a Conservative. Do you want to forbid the public from pooling their money to put into a non-profit health system? Then you’re a Conservative. Do you want to shut down all the food and drug oversight? Then you’re a Conservative.

None of these agenda items are Republican in nature, they are only Conservative, and the Republican Party has been invaded by the Conservatives.

The nail in the coffin should really be the coffin of the Conservative agenda, but they’re successfully making it a nail in the coffin of the Republican party, while trying to distance themselves from the failures. Truly upstanding moral people, don’t you think?