War of the Worlds Revisited

War of the Worlds Revisited
Paul Johnson

Hello, again, to all my loyal readers. Please forgive the long hiatus, but I am back.

While away, I heard an interesting story that I just knew you would all enjoy.

The year is 2009 and Bush and his corrupt Administration, along with almost all the Conservatives in DC have left office and America is looking forward to a fruitful and prosperous recovery from the latest Conservative government, even worse than the last one. But, the optimism is short-lived.

As it turns out, Earth is invaded by aliens from other worlds, here to satisfy their need for our resources. These new invaders are far superior to us lowly humans and can predict and thwart any attack we have planned. Before long, all humans are rounded up and pushed off to the far reaches of the planet to try to eek out an existence without sufficient space or resources.

More than half the population die in the first few years and only by the work of the new rulers are some humans saved.

We try to negotiate with the rulers and plead for humane treatment, but always hear the aliens say, “so what, they’re just humans.”

We humans realize that our new rulers are far superior to us intellectually, but lack the simplest of morals. How could they be so insensitive to our basic needs. When new resources have been found around our human colonies, entire towns were simply eradicated of the troublesome human presence.

A most morbid event happens every spring. A few of the more aggressive of the aliens single out some of the most educated and healthiest of the humans and free them, only to hunt them down and murder them in cold blood.

We humans can look at our new leaders and know in our souls that we have the upper hand when it comes to morals. These new leaders know nothing about treating others as they would like to be treated.

What kind of morbid creatures would decimate entire populations of lesser creatures just to have room to exploit the environment? How sick and twisted must these aliens be to hunt down and kill the most promising of our species. What kind of morbid immoral superior race would say, “so what, they’re just humans?”

Well, I’ll tell you. The kind of superior race that is so morbid and immoral is the human race. These things that we would all recognize as reprehensible and ruthless being done to us are things we have learned to ignore when we do it to other species.

When God gave us dominion over the Earth, he didn’t exonerate us for terrorizing and murdering lesser animals for our morbid pleasure. He gave us this Earth to respect and honor and take care of. Do you think God is proud of his children when he sees what we have become? We can fool ourselves all day long about how noble it was to attack Iraq, but we all know in our hearts that God knows the truth and is horrified by our actions.

We are polluting and destroying the Earth, the gift He gave us, every time we fire up that ol’ gas-guzzling SUV, and He knows we know and that we continue to do it anyway.

He sees the hundreds of thousands of people that die every year due to lack of health care and know that it’s our greed and lack of morals that makes it happen. Would God love a national health system for America or would He prefer to see our children die?

Oh, we see ourselves as so intellectually superior but in reality, we’re no better than those monsters who invaded the Earth for our resources. It’s time to wake up and put things in perspective. It’s time to get Progressive.